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A Spring Hunt On The Prairies Of South Dakota
by Dan Wennerlind

As the sun came up over a spread of decoys that looked to go on for miles, the sound of geese could already be heard off in the distance. This beautiful spring morning would be spent with one of the most knowledgeable snow goose hunting outfitters that I have had a chance to spend time with Goosepro- waterfowl specialist; Jonathon Sampson. Jonathon invited me to join him for a morning of spring snow goose hunting during a recent two week trip in southern South Dakota……

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A Spring Hunt…article by Dan W.

For the month of July we will be reviewing the outfitting services of Goosepro: Jonathon Sampson. Jonathon specializes in the spring snow goose hunting season which runs from early February through the end of April. He hunts almost the entire season following the migration from southern Nebraska up through northern South Dakota. Although Jonathon does offer guided waterfowl hunts during the regular fall season in western Minnesota and along the Mississippi river in southern Minnesota, his main focus is on the massive flocks of snow geese that cloud the skies every spring. This spring we were able to join Jonathon for a one on one goose hunting experience. During this time I was able to enjoy his efforts and pick his brain a little bit on what makes his guided hunts so successful.

About The Outfitter

Jonathon Sampson grew up in Minnesota, primarily hunting waterfowl and pheasants as a boy with his father in western, Mn. As he grew older, so did his passion for waterfowl hunting. In his early twenties Jonathon started his guiding career at the infamous St. Paul Duck Pass on Ten Mile Lake near Fergus Falls, Mn. It didn’t take Jonathon long to figure out that this is what he was destined to do. Since then Jonathon has hunted over thirteen different states across the country as well as several provinces in Canada. Every year he has tried out new concepts and learned more and more about the birds he loves hunting so much. Jonathon is basically a one man show when the spring hunt comes around. He spends most of his time driving endlessly chasing the birds from water to field looking for the “Perfect Field” to set his clients up in for the next hunt.

Hunting Accommodations

As Jonathon travels north from Nebraska through South Dakota each year he has found the most accommodating motels in each region that he hunts. Although your lodging cost is not included in your daily guide fee, Jonathon will make sure that reservations are made before the hunters arrive and he is very good about contacting each group prior to their hunt to give them directions and make sure that any neccessay individual needs are met.

Most all of the motels that Jonathon uses are very economically priced, allow pets, and are usually very close to the hunting area with a restaurant & grocery store close by.

Custom Hunts Available

Nebraska and South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Jonathon’s guided spring snow goose hunts take place starting early February in southern Nebraska and running through mid March up into northern South Dakota.

Jonathon specializes in first class snow goose hunts and works very hard to ensure his hunter’s success by combining his vast knowledge with his work ethic of scouting, scouting, scouting. Jonathon will start tracking these birds when they cross the border of Nebraska and will stay on them for 30-40 days straight following them northward. You can expect to hunt over a spread of 500-800 Texas rags with the best electronic callers available and Jonathon’s secret decoy movement systems. You will hunt comfortably out of Final Approach and Avery layout blinds. You will also enjoy hunting over Jon’s trained labs or bring your own trained dogs to add to the enjoyment of the hunt.

Jonathon has been hunting the same areas since they started the spring season over 10 years ago and has connection in every region. Trust that you will be the only hunters in camp and all of Jonathon’s efforts will be focused on your group’s success. You will also be hunting in fresh fields where the birds want to be! Jonathon does his best to decoy these birds within 40 yards but as most snow goose hunters know, on those tough days, you may be asked to take some shots up into the 50-60 yard range so come prepared with proper ammunition.

Minnesota Waterfowl Hunting

Jonathon also offers guided duck and goose hunts during the fall across Minnesota. Whatever specific hunt that your group is looking for, Jonathon can accommodate. He has connections in western Minnesota for spectacular big water mallard and Canada goose hunting as well as premier pheasant hunting in the afternoon. You can also elect to hunt over fields for Mallards and honkers in the later part of the season as well.

Jonathon also offers spectacular Mississippi river hunts in southern Minnesota for many species of diver ducks, puddle ducks and Canada geese. Again your group has the option of customizing the hunt to your exact specifications. This is a spectacular hunt for those looking to add a specific trophy to their collection.

Outfitter References

Dan Wennerlind
Spring Snow Goose Hunt
March, 2005

Hunting Rates

All of Jonathon’s hunts are set on a daily rate of $200.00 per day, per gun. This fee is only his guide fee and does not include meals or lodging. Although Jonathon is sure to have lodging reservations pre-arranged and a restaurant close by.

Jonathon does offer group discounts and encourages fathers to bring their kids with to enjoy the excitement of the hunt. Gratuities are accepted for a job well done and Jonathon also offers refferal discounts for repeat customers.

Additional Policies

Jonathon tries to keep groups of four or more hunters exclusive, however if single hunters or groups of two hunters want to hunt, they may be placed with another group of similiar size. Jonathon is very accommodating and every situation is possible depending on what your hunting preference is.

Jonathon works very hard to keep moving his spread for better results. Because of the fact that he is a one man show, hunters may be asked to help set out and pick up decoys from time to time to ensure their hunting sucess.

Goosepro- Waterfowl Specialist Outfitter Rating

Catagories Comments Ranking 1-5 best
Outfitter Knowledge/Personality Jonathon is a very knowledgable and friendly outfitter. He also runs a clean ship! 5
Quality Of Equipment & Decoy Spread During the spring hunts you can expect to hunt over 600-800 texas rags on stakes as well as Jonathon’s secret decoy movement and sound systems! 5
Opportunity To Take Game Although the spring hunt can be very hit or miss depending on the weather, the fact that Jonathon is mobile assures that you will always be in the thick of the migration. 5
Ability To Tailor Hunt To Customer’s Needs Jonathon works hard to assure that all of his customer’s needs are met. He only guides one group at a time making sure that they have quality hunting experience. 4
Quality Of Lodging & Meals Although the lodging is not 5 Star, the motel rooms are normally clean, comfortable and economically priced. Reservations are always made prior to arrival. 3
Pricing Of Hunt & Additional Costs Of Trip At $200 a day, Jonathon’s hunts are not over priced and there were no hidden fees or charges associated with the hunt. 4
Overall Quality Of Hunt The overall quality of the hunt was excellent! I showed up to a field full of decoys that the geese wanted to be in. My young pup was welcome to join us and we shot 14 birds. 5
Overall Goosepro- Waterfowl Specialist Scored 31 Out Of 35 Giving Him An “A” Rating. We Would Not Hesitate To Refer Him For A First Class Spring Snow Goose Hunting Adventure! 31/35

For More Information

Please contact Goosepro- Waterfowl Specialist

Jonathon Sampson: owner
2616 Webster Ave S
St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55446
Phone: 612.247.4737
Email: goosepro@aol.com
Website: www.goosepro.com

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