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Each year at we choose one of our Premier Hunting Outfitters that we feel truly exemplifies what the sport of hunting is all about. This is an outfitter that has not only shown a passion for the sport, but also epitomizes all aspects of what it means to be a professional outfitter including all 7 aspects and qualities that the service strives for: Honesty, Integrity, Experience, Strong Work Ethic, Quality Equipment, Professionalism, Commitment To Excellence!

This is the highest award that we offer once a year to one of our pristine outfitters at!


In the month of November we were able to join Mike Adams of WFDO for a Week 1 of his 2023 Kansas rifle whitetail deer season. We would soon find out what makes this hunt a truly World Class caliber whitetail deer hunting experience as Mike come through again as he always does! Not only did I harvest a beautiful 8-point Kansas buck but five of the other six hunters in camp that week were successful as well! The overall experience was first class from start to finish!
At the end of the hunt I was proud to name Mike Adams of WFDO The TWO TIME / 2024 Outfitter Of The Year for his incredible Kansas archery and rifle whitetail deer hunts!

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During the month of November we were able to join outfitter Chuck Ellingson of The Watson Hunting Camp on another premier waterfowl / upland bird combo hunt on to the prairies of western Minnesota. Our afternoon field Canada goose / Mallard hunt was one for the ages. Followed up by a fantastic pheasant hunt the next day. What more could a wingshooter ask for? The incredible meals and lodging topped off the trip! After our trip we were proud and honored to name Chuck Ellingson of The Watson Hunting Camp, our 2023 Outfitter Of the Year!

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2022 Black Goose Outfitter

During the 2022 Spring Snow Goose Conservation Season we were able to join outfitter Larry Frimann of Black Goose Outfitters on one of his World Class caliber spring snow goose hunts in Southeastern Nebraska. This was a 3 day hunt that rivaled the best snow goose hunts in the country. Conducted out of heated pits overlooking 2,500+ decoys, over water, the birds kept coming and coming and coming in for 3 days straight. After the hunt was over it was our pleasure to name Larry Frimann of Black Goose Outfitters The 2022 Outfitter Of the Year!

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At the end of December we were able to join Dakota Stowers of North Texas Outfitters on an Incredible- Texas Duck and Wild Boar Hunt along the Texas / Oklahoma border. This 3 day adventure was one for the books. With not only harvested daily limits of trophy Pintails, Wigeons and Mallards, but a morning where our two groups combined for a 14 man limit of 70 Canada geese and to top it off we were able to participate in a night thermal wild hog hunt and brought home some delicious meat for the freezer! Everything from start to finish was amazing on this hunt! Thus we were proud to announce that Dakota Stowers of North Texas Outfitters would be named our 2021 Outfitter Of the year.

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During the month of January, we had a chance to experience a truly World Class caliber South Dakota late season mallard hunt with the 2020 Outfitter Of The Year, Dave Ciani of High Prairie Lodge And Outfitters. The mallard hunting in the Black Hills of South Dakota was so good our group of 5 hunters shot limits of big northern Mallards, two days in a row using 410 shotguns! The 5 star lodging and meals were just as great as the South Dakota duck hunting.

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It had been a long time since I had hunted the state of Montana for elk with my father on the west side of the continental divide, dang near 20 years now. After sending numerous clients and personal friends to hunt elk with Jesse Banthem of Banthem Outfitting over the past several years, and seeing photo after photo of the big 6 point bulls they were bringing home, I was growing envious. Finally this year everything lined up and I jumped at the opportunity to join Jesse on one of his World Class caliber Montana archery elk hunts.

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“Here they come again guys!” shouted outfitter Kyle Blanchfield, “Get ready to Take-Em on this pass!” The flock of 50 Mallards dropped right in the spread- wings set, feet down and the guns went off. Mallards rained from the sky! The dogs sprinted across the cut wheat field in search of the downed birds, now mixed in with a sea of 400 full body Canada goose and Mallard decoys, as we all shared a moment of excitement and high fives. We quickly reloaded in preparation for the next flock. “If I ever get tired of seeing that, it’s time to retire” stated Kyle. This is truly what he lives for.

Owner / outfitter Kyle Blanchfield of Northern Flight Guide Service and The Woodland Resort- located on the northern shores of Devils Lake in North Dakota has been guiding duck hunters in the area since 1988.

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Back in 2010 we were very excited to bring on board one of the top elk hunting outfitters in the country as our Official Colorado Big Game Hunting Outfitter – Scott Gesell of Beaver Creek Outfitters. For over a decade now Scott has been putting hunters on elk, and a lot of them.

This year we were finally able to get out and experience one of Scott’s incredible Colorado drop camp elk hunts for the third rifle season in the Beaver Flattops Wilderness area of the Routt National Forest located just south of the town of Craig, Colorado.

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Along my quest for the turkey Grand Slam was a trip to the great state of Kansas in an attempt to knock the Rio Grande turkey off my list. This would be the third gobbler on my list of the four species! Mike Adams of Webbed Feet Down Outfitters was the perfect choice as he has been one of the Endorsed Outfitters for over 6 years now and has had a 100% success rate with over 100 turkey hunters over the past few seasons. This was sure to be a turkey hunt to remember. If I could only get there in time…..

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Huns! Huns! Huns! Cried out outfitter Jason Ostrander from across the Sage prairie. I turned to the left and saw a pair of beautiful Wyoming Hungarian partridge headed right for me. I raised up my Remington 870, took aim on the first bird and pulled the trigger. The little bird tumbled to the ground, as I continued to swing through on the second bird and just like that I had my first true pair of Wyoming huns on the ground.

My 11 month old Chessy pup Brandy was quick to pounce on the first bird, while Jason’s 4 ½ month old German Shorthair pup Jake who was just getting acclimated to the new sport, took care of the second bird.

It was a real treat to have 2 birds in hand after what we had experienced on our first upland bird hunting experience in this area a couple months earlier.

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Hunting the North Platte River of Nebraska for late season greenheads has been on my list to do for a long time now. However hunting late season honkers in Wyoming had not been….until now. Outfitter Jason “JJ” Randolph of WyoBraska Waterfowl is based out of Torrington, Wyoming- walking distance for some, from the Nebraska border and based along the North Platte River in eastern Wyoming. This gives JJ the luxury of hunting both Nebraska and Wyoming where he has several outstanding waterfowl leases within a mile of the infamous North Platte River.

My compadre Rick Janes and I made the short trek up from the Denver area to meet with JJ and finally get a chance to experience one of his exceptional waterfowl hunting adventures in late December.

In fact JJ’s camp is only a short 2 ½ hour drive from the Denver International Airport where he has most of his clients fly into from out of state. We arrived around 8pm and met JJ at the Frontier Mart gas station, a few miles from his home in Torrington, Wyoming, to get the agenda for the next day’s hunt as well as purchase our daily non-resident Wyoming hunting license for a whopping $20.00!

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I had always imagined my first hunt in Colorado to be in search of the mighty bull elk, in the Rocky Mountains. However after doing my homework and talking with outfitter Jeff Colwell of Front Range Guide Service, the more I learned about the incredible waterfowl hunting opportunities in Colorado, the more I was intrigued to hunt not only the majestic bull elk in Colorado, but the wide variety of waterfowl that the picturesque Front Range of Colorado has to offer.

I not only had an opportunity to join Jeff on one of his fantastic early season duck hunts, but was also invited back to experience a late season field hunt for those crazy little cackler Canada geese.

In doing so I was able to share both aspects of Jeff’s Colorado waterfowl hunting operation to all of those who have ever wondered what Colorado waterfowling truly has to offer….

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After I pulled the trigger and watched the last drake old squaw of the day skip across the water from my one man layout boat, I knew that it would not be long before I would be back again for another sea duck hunt on Lake Michigan with Mike and Dean from Big Water Outdoors.

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“Take Em!” outfitter Mike Franklin called out as another flock of Specklebellys dropped into our spread of over 650 full body decoys. The flaps sprung open from our lay out blinds and a barrage of shots went off. Another 6 geese hit the ground! This became a common theme for the day as flock after flock of specs and snows continued to be fooled over and over again by our incredible set up.

This was a hunt that I had been looking forward to for months, ever since outfitter Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Prairie Outfitters gave me an open invitation to join him on one of his “World Class” Saskatchewan goose hunts.

After an in depth conversation with Mike on the phone the previous summer, HTN field rep Kyle Hamilton and myself penciled in a two day waterfowl adventure with Mike set for October 15th and 16th. The day was finally here and the hunt lived up to everything Mike had promised so many months ago and more.

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Growing up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, fall was a very special time for me. Each weekend my father would take me on a 2 ½ hour trip to western Minnesota to hunt the thousands of migratory waterfowl that would stage in the Lac Qui Parle Refuge and the surrounding Minnesota River Valley, including the infamous Marsh Lake. Through the past few years I have had a chance to meet a good friend and outfitter in the area, in Chuck Ellingson. Chuck owns and operates The Watson Hunting Camp, which is located inside the Lac Qui Parle Refuge. This is a well known area to avid Minnesota waterfowl hunters for it’s massive fall Canada goose populations.

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Left, Left, Left! Take the drake on the left!” barked out veteran sea duck guide Scotty Phelps as Petee and I tag teamed three gorgeous drake Old Squaws. Action packed does not even begin to describe this hunting adventure. From the moment we set foot on the charter boat taking us from Kodiak City to the small fishing village of Port Lions, Alaska, the adventure began. We were immediately greeted by two Orca whales that briefly swam beside the boat and offered some amazing photo shots.

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As we arrived in camp and met with our outfitter and guide Dave Beam, he explained what we could expect on this non-traditional waterfowl hunt. Dave explained that hunting swans was more like hunting big game than it was hunting ducks and geese. Dave said that there is nothing else like watching a flock of monster swans set into your spread, as they can easily reach over 20 lbs with a 7 foot wing span. And be assured that Dave knows his stuff. Dave started Beams On The Prairie Guide Service over 10 years ago and since then he has spent well over 100 days each year in the field hunting every species of waterfowl that the central flyway has to offer.

This would be my third hunt with Dave in the past 3 years and I would have to say that hands down Dave Beam is the most dedicated waterfowl hunter/outfitter that I have ever met. Since I have known Dave, he has suffered several health complications that would keep even the most avid waterfowl hunter down and out….but Dave’s attitude and perseverance have allowed him to overcome several life threatening ailments and he has only missed a handful of days in the field because of it.

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As my father and I pulled into the driveway of the High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters located just outside of Deadwood, South Dakota, I could already tell we were in for a real treat. Outfitter Dave Ciani greeted us with a smile and a handshake and as he showed us to our rooms, in his restored 1800 stone guest house, the smell of wife Teri’s incredible roast beef dinner filled the air. I already knew this “All Inclusive Archery Antelope Hunt” was going to be everything that I had expected and more even before it started. As gourmet chef Teri Ciani proceeded to put the finishing touches on our fabulous dinner, we had a chance to unload our equipment and zing a couple arrows into Dave’s archery range before dark to make sure we were ready for the morning hunt.

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