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Neu Outdoors

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Neu Outdoors Spring Snow Goose Hunts Offer

  • Hunt Over Large Spreads Of High Quality Decoys
  • High Success Rates Every Spring – Guiding Since 2004
  • Fast Action Decoying Spring Snow Geese
  • Hunt Over Pre-Scouted Private Grain Fields From Layout Blinds
  • Also Offering Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Missouri & Arkansas
  • Most South Dakota Spring Hunts Take Place From March – April
  • Now Taking Reservations For Our Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Our South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts usually start in mid-March and go up until the first part of April in South Dakota. During your hunt you can expect to hunt over a spread of possibly 2,000+ decoys. We have occasionally set out 3,500 Sillosocks. The spread will consist of custom UV painted Sillosock. South Dakota snow goose hunting outfitter Adam Johnson has invested countless hours and dollars into his snow goose decoy spreads. He also has the finest electronic callers and layout blinds to make your hunt as comfortable as possible. In addition, he is proud to say they have been hunting these areas since the beginning of the Spring Snow Goose conservation season opened. They do a lot of scouting to keep you on fresh fields knowing that’s where the birds want to be. A spring hunt with First Flight Finishers will be a most memorable South Dakota snow goose hunting experience!

A Typical Day

On our South Dakota guided snow goose hunts , we typically meet around an hour or so before sunrise. Then you will follow us to the field we have planned for that day. When you get to the field your snow goose hunting guide will go over a few things on what the day will entail, safety rules, and bird appearance. The typical days layout is to hunt until around noon and then break for about an hour or so lunch. Then we will meet back at the field for the evening flight. The guide will call all the shots and most of them will be anywhere from 20-35 yards. We move with the snow goose migration during the season. The spots we hunt all hold a large number of snows, blues, and Ross geese which is why we have had great success year in and out. We accommodate to any group size. But only hunt 4-8 hunters per field unless a specific request is made. Safety is the number one rule when we are in the field. Groups of 7 – 8 hunters will get their own field for the hunt.

ALSO OFFERING: Arkansas & Missouri Snow Goose Hunts

Neu Outdoors follows the spring migration from the start all the way up to South Dakota. Starting in Arkansas and Missouri gives a great chance to hunt snows that haven’t seen as many spreads. Due to this especially in Arkansas, these birds typically decoy very well. They focus on decoying snows in every location they are at. As the birds move north so do they into Missouri. These hunts are in NW Missouri around Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and the number of birds is astonishing as this is a large staging location. You can expect to see thousands of birds each day in Missouri. Each of these hunts are on pre-scouted grain fields to ensure the highest success rates.

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are included in our spring snow goose hunts. Our lodging is all on site and near hunting grounds. In addition to lodging and meals, license, decoys a quality guide and 2 boxes of shells per day are included.

Hunting Rates And Packages

$2,550 Per Hunter Monday Thru Wednesday (Wednesday Being A Half Day Hunt)
$3,400 Per Hunter Thursday Thru Sunday (Sunday Being A Half Day Hunt)

Your hunt fee includes fully guided hunts over high quality decoys, meals, 2 boxes of shells per day, license and your lodging. It does not include bird cleaning.


About The Outfitter

Hi my name is John Neu. I am first and foremost a waterfowl hunter. I guide snow geese because I am a very passionate snow goose hunter. I have a true love and respect for snow goose hunting and waterfowling. I consider myself a life long learner of the sport. Our top priority is to give you and your group a successful and fun spring snow goose hunt that will make you love this sport as much as we do.


Neu Outdoors

Outfitter: John Neu
Phone: 1-877-860-7663

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Neu Outdoors, please email John at:

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