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Lawrence Bay Lodge

Outfitter: Phil Engen
Phone: 1-888-785-5651

Lawrence Bay Saskatchewan Fishing Trips Offer

  • Family Owned and Operated For 50 Years
  • 75% Of Guests Catch Northern Pike between 40-53” or 18-35 lbs
  • Also World Class Caliber Lake Trout Fishing As Well
  • We Own 2 Float Planes To Access Remote Fishing Locations
  • All Fishing Packages At The Main Lodge Are The Full American Plan
  • Fishing For Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, And Arctic Grayling
  • Also Offering Trophy Fall Saskatchewan Moose Hunting
  • Taking Reservations For The Upcoming Season – Call Now!!

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Saskatchewan Northern Pike Fishing

Saskatchewan Northern Pike Fishing

Lawrence Bay Lodge is located on Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan (which according to many people is the best Northern Pike lake in the world). Reindeer Lake is approximately 180 miles long and 60 miles wide at its widest point. Reindeer Lake has thousands of islands which make for good structure and these islands along with the mainland make for thousands of bays which harbor huge Northern Pike. Reindeer Lake is simply loaded with large Northern Pike. Seventy-five percent of our customers catch fish from 18-35 lb. (40-53 inches). We also had a few over 35 lb. last season. Our Saskatchewan Pike Fishing Guests have caught an unbelievable 1,600 Northern Pike over 40”. All of the fish are alive and well thanks to the people that released those monsters.

Saskatchewan Fishing Typical

A Typical Day

Breakfast is served at the main lodge at 7 a.m. Once you have eaten a hearty breakfast, we will introduce you to your Saskatchewan Fishing Guide and send you off for a great day of fishing by 8 a.m. After a wonderful morning of fishing, the guide will prepare a tasty shore lunch for you at mid-day, which is to many, their favorite part of the day. Once the afternoon guided fishing trip is complete (or you get tired of catching too many big fish), you will return to your lodging accommodations between 5 and 5:30 p.m. where you can rest, relax, and tell fish stories about the big fish (that didn’t get away) with other guests until it is time to eat again for supper at 7 p.m. in the main lodge. Once the evening meal is completed you may take a boat out by yourself for an hour or just relax around the lodge or the cabins and anticipate the next day of fishing!

ALSO OFFERING: Walleye & Lake Trout Fishing, and Arctic Grayling Fishing

We have great fishing for Lake Trout, Walleye, and Arctic Grayling as well! The fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge is nothing short of spectacular. We have caught Lake Trout up to 40 lbs, Walleye up to 12.5 lbs (33”), and Arctic Grayling over 22”. All of the trophies are alive and well thanks to the guests that released those monsters. Guests eat fish everyday for shore lunch and can also take a few of the smaller fish home with them. We have managed our fishing area well the past 40 years through catch and release fishing for all trophies which has insured that the fishing is as good now as it was in 1971.

Lodging & Meals

We have a new Lodge that was completed in 2003 at Lawrence Bay Lodge and 9 guest cabins. All of the cabins are fully modern with hot and cold running water, electricity, and flush toilets. We can accommodate just about any size group as we have anywhere from 2-8 man cabins. Each group will get their own cabin(s) as we do not mix and match groups.

The meals at Lawrence Bay Lodge are exceptional, we have a chef and two other cooks assistants. Breakfasts at the Lodge are made to order every morning (Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hot and Cold Cereals etc.) and supper is a 6 meal rotation which includes Ribs, Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Roast Beef, and Pork Chops as the main courses! Lunch is the famous shore lunch served out on the lake and prepared by your guide with the fish you caught that morning!

Fishing Rates And Packages

Fishing Rates- Main Lodge
Per Person (US Dollars)

  • 3 Day / 4 Night Fishing Package – $2,095
  • 4 Day / 5 Night Fishing Package – $2,695
  • 5 Day / 6 Night Fishing Package – $2,995
  • 6 Day / 7 Night Fishing Package – $3,495
  • 7 Day / 8 Night Fishing Package – $3,995

Float Plane Side Trips Available
All Packages Are “All Inclusive” With Meals And Lodging

Outpost Camp Rates

5 Day / 5 Night Fishing Package – $1,495
7 Day / 7 Night Fishing Package – $1,695
*Groceries and Bedding Not Included

Saskatchewan Fishing

Saskatchewan Fishing

About The Outfitter

Your hosts while at Lawrence Bay Lodge are Randy, Phil, and Mindy Engen whom are all avid hunters and fisherman. They are always at the Lodge and available to make sure that your needs are taken care of in order to ensure a quality trip. Randy Engen (father to Phil and Mindy) started Lawrence Bay Lodge in 1971 and is now entering his 50th season as the owner and operator. Randy grew up in North Dakota hunting and fishing his whole life, his passion led him to buy an old prospectors camp on Reindeer Lake in 1971. That is where he started Lawrence Bay Lodge, and grew Lawrence Bay Lodge to where it is today.

Phil and Mindy have also grown up in North Dakota and spent every summer of their lives at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Phil and Mindy have a vast knowledge of hunting, fishing, and the outfitting industry in general that has helped Lawrence Bay Lodge prosper now and into the future!


Lawrence Bay Lodge

Outfitter: Phil Engen
Phone: 1-888-785-5651

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About A Fishing Trip With Lawrence Bay Lodge, Please Email Phil At:

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