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At we strive to offer the highest quality of service for the serious hunter seeking that next adventure. Since 2003 we have been diligently researching many of the top hunting adventures across North America and have Exclusively Endorsed one premier hunting outfitter in each state / province for each type of guided hunt. We feel confident that they can provide a “World Class” caliber experience for your next hunting adventure!

The HTN Team


Dan Wennerlind started the organization back in 2003 with a vision of providing hunters with a resource they feel comfortable using to book their hunt of a lifetime, without the headaches. Every year the HTN Team adds a new region of the country in the quest to fulfill the opportunity for every hunter to book their dream hunt, without the hassle of a lot of online research or even worse a bad hunting experience with an unprofessional outfitter.


Joe Mahler is dedicated to growing mature whitetails through quality deer management year in and year out, while he is not chasing bucks he is in hot pursuit of waterfowl, you will find him scouting or in a blind almost everyday of the week! In the summer months his passion for catching and releasing trophy muskies consumes him with endless days and nights on the water living the dream! Joe is an intricate piece of the puzzle and makes sure everything is running smoothly in the HTN back office.


Matt Johnson is an avid waterfowl hunter from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Matt is as passionate about hunting Canada geese in the agricultural fields around the metro area of Minneapolis as he is working with our HuntTheNorth customers. Matt has been working with HuntTheNorth since 2012 and is the man behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly in the back office. Matt makes sure each customer’s accounts are running properly.


Brandon Crowley is the main man when it comes to website design and SEO / SEM and Social Media. Brandon has been building websites for outdoor companies with since 2008. Brandon specializes in making sure that hunting outfitters get found online by the hunters looking to book a hunt with them. In his spare time Brandon can be found in a tree stand in northern Minnesota or in a duck blind.


Amy Rutzen is a wife, mother and avid outdoors adventurer. Her dream is to inspire, equip and empower first generation sportswomen, like herself, and their children, to become confident, educated hunters. She believes that killing an animal to provide meat for the table is a God-given right, one that should not be reserved only for individuals born or married into families backed by generations of hunting experience.
“I didn’t choose hunting. Hunting chose me.”Donnie Vincent


Brandon Jensen is an avid waterfowl hunter from western Wisconsin, and has been with HTN since 2011. Brandon specializes in both the weekly Fall Waterfowl Migration Reports and the Spring Snow Goose Migration reports. Brandon enjoys getting to know all the waterfowl outfitter reporters at HTN and sharing their experiences in the field.

What It Takes To Be A Endorsed Outfitter

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Quality Equipment
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment To Excellence

What Sets our Service Apart?

We Only Endorse One Premier Hunting Outfitter In Each Region.
This Is An Exclusive Endorsement With No Hidden Agenda But To Promote The Best Of the Best, To Ensure That You Have A Quality Hunt With Any Of Our Featured Outfitters!

Since 2003 we have been working hard researching and networking with many of the top hunting outfitters across North America. We now endorse one specific outfitter in over 23 states / provinces for the following types of guided hunts: Guided Big Game Hunts, Guided Waterfowl Hunts, Guided Upland Bird Hunts, Guided Turkey Hunts and Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts.

This is a FREE resource for the You, the hunter and is funded by our outfitters through an annual membership fee. There are no hidden costs or fees associated in our service for the hunter. We provide all of the neccessary information needed about each outfitter, including a photo and video gallery on each of their guided hunts.

In addition to our premier guided hunts, we also offer high quality hunting equipment, taxidermy services, hunting dog breeders and trainers and lodging.

Feel free to scroll through our entire website with full access to all of the important information on each outfitter, needed to make an educated decision as to which of our Premier Hunting Outfitters can provide you with your next hunting adventure.

You can then simply contact any of our outfitters directly from their listings and BOOK YOUR NEXT HUNT TODAY WITH CONFIDENCE!

We hope you enjoy what we have put together for you through our unique hunting service at and feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns at what we have to offer 612-599-9944.
Good Hunting!

Dan Wennerlind