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Black Dog Outfitters Alberta Waterfowl Hunts Offer

  • World Class Canada Goose & Mallard Hunts
  • Also Offer A World Class Caliber Deer Combo
  • Numerous All Inclusive Packages Available
  • Everything Included – Guns, Ammo, Lodging, Meals & More!
  • 15 Million Huntable Acres Available To Ensure Success
  • Over 20 Years Experience Guiding Waterfowl Hunts
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Alberta Waterfowl Hunting

With options to pursue both waterfowl and big game, your party is ensured ample opportunity for a successful outdoor vacation. Each hunt is organized by an experienced guide to lead you and your party to a bountiful harvest as you tour the vast Alberta prairies.
Black Dog’s waterfowl seasons are divided into two separate tours.
Our spring snow goose hunts are available for reservation from mid-April to early May, while our fall Alberta waterfowl hunt availability extents from September 1st through the 10th of November. With lodges located in the middle of three major migratory bird flyways you should expect high volume shooting, accompanied by the most liberal migratory game bird bag limits in all of North America. Pack your warm clothes and blind bag, as we are ready to host you and your party on the adventure of your choice.

A Typical Day

A morning with Black Dog typically starts around 4 am by a personal wakeup call from your guide. Be sure to access our continental breakfast in the morning. The Black Dog team will shuttle you and your party to the field, where your guide will strategize the specifics of the morning hunt (this is when a head lamp comes in handy).
Typically we aim to harvest your daily bag limit during your morning hunt, this gives you the opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the accommodations. After the morning hunt you will return to the lodge for an all American breakfast served hot and fresh by our professional kitchen staff.
If necessary, your evening hunt will consist of a 3 pm departure to the field, where you will get the opportunity to finish your daily bag limit. Once back from your evening hunt you’re encouraged to enjoy cocktail hour and a delicious homecooked family style dinner ready to be served, followed by desert. We hope you feel at home in our lodge, and get to enjoy all we have to offer at Black Dog Outfitters during your Alberta waterfowl hunting experience!

ALSO OFFERING: Alberta White-tailed / Mule Deer Combo Hunts

Alberta has some of the best free range big game wildlife in all of North America. Alberta currently holds the title of three of the top ten typical and non-typical deer ever harvested, meaning we hold the highest percentage of trophy-class bucks in North America. A mature white-tailed buck in excess of 300 pounds is not at all uncommon, and some grow to be substantially bigger. Our mule deer have some of the largest body weights found anywhere, averaging nearly 250 pounds and can exceed 300 and they have antlers to match. In addition to white-tailed and mule deer you are likely to witness the beauty of prairie moose, coyote, fox, beaver, muskrat, and if you’re lucky lynx or bobcat. Our big game hunts are scheduled for the prime of the Alberta rutting season to ensure plentiful shot opportunities. A majority of our big game excursions are conducted in a strategically placed, insulated 20ft tower blind anchored in the middle of a game rich, high traffic parcel of farmland or isolated timber.

Lodging & Meals

Black Dog Outfitters has recently constructed a newly built 4400 sq. ft. 2-story hunting lodge, The White-tail. The accommodations have never been better.
Once at the camp you will enter into ether the main lodge or one of our private bunk houses.
The White-tail Lodge is a 5 bedroom (2 twin beds each) and 3 full washrooms converted into a fully functioning hunting lodge, where all of your meals will be prepared and served. Black Dog has recently renovated the west side of the building to include a deck and patio to increase comfort and privacy. On the patio we have added additional outdoor table furniture and a dry bar. Upstairs on the deck we have placed comfortable lounge sets and high top tables for socializing.
We have added 3 private bunk houses to the camp property, we feel the addition offers a more secluded and convenient experience. Each bunk has 4 bedroom (2 twin beds each) and 2 full washrooms.
The extension of The White-tail and the bunk houses increases our capacity to a total of 21 bedrooms and 9 full washrooms, we do not have a shortage on space.
During your stay you will be offered a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All prepared and provided by our professional chef and kitchen staff. The large majority of the food we serve is locally grown and raised within 10 miles of our lodge.
We hope you will appreciate our onsite garden, and efforts to provide healthy, and delicious meals. In addition to serving fresh meat and produce we enjoy providing our customers with a farm to table, family style dining experience; that of which you can only enjoy while staying in a Black Dog Outfitters, Alberta hunting lodge.

Hunting Rates And Packages

Alberta Waterfowl Hunting Packages

All Packages Include Hunting In Pre-Scouted Fields, Lodging, Meals, Dog, Gun Rental, Ammunition And Transportation

Basic Package
$3,700 Per Hunter – 3 Day All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt (2 Hunters Max)

Bronze Package
$29,600 – 3 Day All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt (8 Hunters)

Silver Package
$59,200 – 3 Day All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt With Private Lodging (16 Hunters)

Gold Package
$59,200 – 6 Day All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt (8 Hunters)

Platinum Package
$100,000 – 6 Day All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt With Private Lodging (16 Hunters)

Alberta Big Game Packages

All packages include insulated tower blind, gun rental, ammunition, transportation, meals and lodging

White-tailed Deer
Per Hunter – 5 Day All Inclusive Hunt – 1 White-tailed Deer Antlered Tag

Combo Deer Hunt
Per Hunter – 5 Day All Inclusive Hunt – 1 White-tailed & 1 Mule Deer Antlered Tags

Alberta Waterfowl Hunting


Black Dog Outfitters

Outfitter: Kyler Harms
Phone: 1-888-683-7707

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