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The Snow Goose Specialist

Part 1: THE HUNT

Hunting Spring Snow Geese With The Snow Goose Specialist- Scott Robinson
By Jason Crook

My annual snow goose hunt started out this year with a package at the door consisting of 3 cases of the new Hevi-metal product in number 2’s, BB’s and BBB’s. Ron Petty from Hevi-shot sent over some samples for me to test on my spring hunt. Hevi-metal is a 2 part mixture of the new Hevi-metal pellets and steel pellets. I had heard great things about the new product and was very excited to give it a whirl through my Pattern Master chokes (what a great combo).

I arrived in Mound City, where I met my friend Cody Groenke who drove down from Minnesota to join our group.

The others in the group included another two-some from Texas and 2 more from New Jersey. We all gathered together at Scott’s house and talked over the hunt. Scott said they have been killing good numbers of birds and not to worry. He said “I will put you on birds, like I always do”. He also stated they were averaging 30-50 birds per field and with the way the weather was this spring, I was very surprised to hear those kinds of numbers. This was not my first hunt with Scott and the more we talked, the more excitement built for the upcoming hunt. We finally ended our discussion for the evening and drove up to the lodge. Upon arrival we all got checked into our cabins and had a wonderful dinner together.

The first morning came early, the alarm went off at 4:30 and we were all ready! My trigger finger was already itchy! We had a nice breakfast at the lodge. Then Scott and his guides showed up eager and ready for the hunt. Scott designated all the groups to there assigned guides and it was off to the field. Once we arrived at one of the remote locations, the decoys were set, and what a nice decoy set it was! It looked to be all brand new DEADLY DECOYS in this set and every bit of a thousand or more. The layout blinds I noticed right away, were all FA brand S.U.B blinds which appeared to be very new and camouflaged to perfection!

As we are all standing around the blinds conversing, I Said “LOOK!!” There were over 100 snows trying to put there feet down, right on top of us! Keep in mind now, we had just arrived to the field, no one was loaded yet and the birds came out of no where! Well it didn’t take long after that and the guys were slamming shells in there autos like crazy. It’s amazing how fast a group can get ready!!!

By our third and final morning the weather conditions were a little better. Once again we had geese over the decoys before we got to the blinds but it was still pretty dark yet. With some good shooting we killed 8 birds out of the first bunch that came in.

Then it was singles, pairs and small flocks for the rest of the morning. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing flocks of snows set up right on top of you with the blue skies in the background and the sun blazing down on their backs. As the day went on, we had a wonderful time. In fact one of Scott’s other spreads was set up about 800 yards to our left and they took snow with a yellow neck collar, what a nice trophy!

After a most enjoyable and successful morning it was time to head back and get ready to depart for home. When it was all said and done, I believe we shot around 45 birds that morning. What I like best about hunting with Scott and his guides is the fact that they want to kill birds as bad as you do. I have always believed that to be the BEST at what you do, you half to truly love doing it! Overall we all had a great experience and a wonderful time; from the hunting, to the great meals and lodging, it was a very successful trip had by all. The hatch is sounding like its going to be one of the best for 2010-11 and I can’t wait until next March, to sit up on another bunch of snows with there feet in my FACE!!!



This was not my first hunt with Scott and there is a reason I keep coming back each year. Scott offers a High Quality Hunt and he is a blast to hang out with in the field. The main reason he is so successful year in and year out is that he is an expert at the spring snow goose game. Scott has been guiding spring snows since the season opened back in the mid 1990’s. Scott truly loves the sport and that shows through in the guides he hires and the overall quality of his hunts.


All of Scott’s equipment is top notch. From the brand new Deadly Decoy and Silo Sock Decoy spreads, to the first class electronic game callers and the new layout blinds, the equipment in this sport makes a world of difference and Scott understands that and invests heavily in having top rate equipment for his hunters.


Being one of the toughest spring hunts in the Mound City area in the last 10 years, I was actually amazed at how well we did, compared to the other outfitters in the area. Over the three day hunt we harvested just over 100 birds for our group alone. That was also with hunting one miserable wet and rainy day. Overall we had many, many flocks that decoyed well into gunning range on both of the other days when the weather was better.


Starting in 2010 Scott now has a lodge in Mound City exclusively for his hunters. It was a real treat to be able to come back to a warm lodge with a fireplace and a hot dinner waiting after a long, wet day in the field.


Scott offers a 3 Day / 3 Night “All Inclusive Package” for $850.00 per hunter. Broken down that is $283.00 per day, per hunter. I feel that the three day hunt package is a great deal especially if you can get a group of six hunters together and secure your own private field.


Overall our entire group had a great time even with the one day of rainy conditions. Again this is not my first hunt with Scott and I have yet to be disappointed on one of my hunts with Scott. This hunt is by far one of my favorite hunts that I look forward to all year!

Overall The Snow Goose Specialist Scored 28 Out Of 30 Giving Him An “A” Rating. We Would Not Hesitate To Refer Them For Their Spectacular Missouri And Iowa Spring Snow Goose Hunts! Final Score 28 / 30

Part 3: Booking Information

Outfitter Information For Snow Goose Specialists

On June 13, 2015 Founder Scott Robinson “The Snow Goose Specialist” was sadly taken away from us. Scott was as passionate of a snow goose hunter as you will ever find. He will be sorely missed but never forgot!