Official Review Of Backwater Inc



Official Product Review Score: 30 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 5 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

In field testing the Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors it was immediately evident that they have no problem functioning at a high level in a wide variety of conditions that you will encounter while on the water. Designed specifically for Sand, Weeds, Obstacles, Mud, and Propulsion you will be able to get your boat to locations that you would not be to with a regular outboard motor and many other mud motor brands. The smooth ride in not only open water but through lily pads, mud, and sand during our test was also very impressive with there being no loss of power or handling capabilities. This ability of not having to make an adjustment to the motor for these conditions will not only save you time, but also the frustration of limited your hunting and fishing locations.

Durability 5 / 5

The durability that the motors have is a distinct advantage over other products on the market. The adjustable pitch capability made to suit multiple transom heights allows you to put the motor on your boat without having to cut the transom. The adjustable tilt control also gives you the ability to go over logs and other obstacles where you need more leverage to keep moving. As seen firsthand during our test, getting high-centered on a log, and going through mud and sand is not a concern with this capability of the motor. A quick adjustment of the tilt control and you are on your way again in just a few moments.

Another feature that sets Backwater Inc. motors apart is the patented Surface Tracer CT™ cavitation plate which is designed to run very shallow on the surface of the water. Allowing for easier handling, and less obstacle strikes resulting in a more efficient and faster mud motor. Along with the patented Revo-Clean™ System keeping the lower housing free of debris, and the tubular DOM frame results with far less wear & tear than traditional mud motors. Each Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motor comes with an interchangeable handle for your preference of right or left handed steering.

Effectiveness 5 / 5

We feel that through our testing with Backwater Inc. that their S.W.O.M.P mud motors are extremely effective. By taking the motor through different performance tests from lily pads to going over logs, also through mud and sand, we have no doubt that you will have success going through obstacles you would not be able to with lesser motors. Also the simple adjustments that you can make to your motor to have it meet your handling preferences will allow for easy driving and control. Backwater Inc. has a large variety of motors available that will fit your needs and open new hunting and fishing location opportunities to you!

Variety 5 / 5

Currently there are four different sizes of the Backwater Inc. mud motors available to give you the right size of motor for your boat. The S.W.O.M.P 14 HP, 23HP, are both available with a 59” shaft length. While the S.W.O.M.P 27HP, and 35HP are available in either 59” or 71” shaft lengths. There are also two new engines in development with 7HP and 10HP sizes coming soon! Contact the Backwater Inc. team to see which size is the best fit for your boat.

In addition to the variety of motors, Backwater Inc. also has developed their own line of propellers. The Backwater Blade™ is a super-weedless stainless steel long-shaft propeller that comes in a variety of different sizes of: 6×4, 7×4, 8×4, 9×5, 9×6, 9×7, and 9×8. The Backwater Blade™ props are designed to work with all motors that have the standard ¾” #10 thread shafts.

Price 5 / 5

The S.W.O.M.P mud motors start at $2,750 with the 14HP motor. The 23HP engine sells for $3,350, the 27 HP is $3,850, and the 35HP is $4,350. While any motor is a large investment the Backwater Inc. motors are hands down one of the top quality mud motors that you will find. They have worked very hard to develop their motors operate at top performance while keeping the price affordable and competitive.

The Backwater Blade™ Propellers are $159 Shipped for the 6×4, 7×4, 8×4, 9×5, 9×6, and 9×7 sizes while the 9×8 is $175 Shipped. Again the props that Backwater Inc. has developed are the top quality and top performing mud motor propellers that are available.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the performance of these mud motors. Testing on the water began with the impressive ease of starting the engine with the electronic start system and the speed that immediately followed. The smooth ride, quiet motor and almost effortless performance that the motor displayed while going through weeds and lily pads showed us that getting to your desired hunting or fishing locations with heavy under water vegetation will not be an issue!

Also by going through just a few inches of water through mud and sand with no concern of getting stuck, will give you option to stay on the water during those dryer months and tough to reach locations. Finally the performance of going directly over a large log that was emerged out of the water with ease will open up even more opportunities of areas that you will now be able to take your boat! The extremely impressive field testing and the constant determination to improve their products, is why we have elected to exclusively endorse Backwater Inc!


  • There Is A Variety Of Different Sizes Available To Fit Multiple Boat Dimensions
  • High Strength DOM Tubular Frame
  • Easy To Start With Electric Start System
  • 360° Swivel Transom Mount With 3 Point Locking System
  • Revo-Clean™ System Keeps Debris Out Of Lower Housing
  • Backwater Blade™ Stainless Super Weedless Propeller
  • We Found That The Multiple Ways To Adjust The Motor While In The Boat, Getting Stuck Is Extremely Challenging
  • Ability To Make Extremely Sharp Turns
  • Simple Interchangable Handle System For Left Or Right Handed Drivers
  • Ability To Adjust Pitch To Match Multiple Transom Heights
  • Multiple Dealers Across The US


  • The Initial Upfront Cost Makes The Motor A Serious Investment

Product Field Testing
Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors

During the past few hunting seasons we have been able to use a variety of different mud motors and comparing Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors to other mud motor brands we were extremely impressed with its performance. Initially the ease of starting the motor with an electronic start system verse a pull start system was not only very simple but is reliable as well. Accompanied by the impressive speed that you can achieve on open water or through weeds, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time getting to your desired location during those early morning hunts.

Also compared to other motors there is a smooth ride and sound of the engine that is not over powering. Which was a great surprise as this is consistently a concern of mud motor owners.

While on our test we took the motor through a few different obstacles to see how it would perform. The first test that we ran was high speeds on open water and unlike the other mud motors we have used there was again no violent shaking or the propeller coming out of the water. There is a smooth and steady acceleration and deceleration rate. The second was through thick weeds and big lily pads. The motor went right through them with no problems or loss of speed and with the weedless Backwater Blade™ there were not issues with getting anything caught in the propeller.

The next test was to go directly over a log that was emerged out of the water with intentionally getting the boat high centered or considered ‘stuck.’ Once we were stuck on the log with a simple adjustment of the tilt control that the motor was angled with the boat we were free and on our way! This was very impressive with how easy it was to change the tilt and not having to get out of the boat to get us unstuck. The last test that we ran was through mud and sand through just a few inches of water. By going into this area of the lake at fast speed we were again considered ‘stuck.’ However, by using the pin locking system allowing us to have the motor perpendicular with the boat we could make a very sharp turn and get us faced back out toward the main body of water on the lake. So with moving the prop in and out of the water and mud a few times at this sharp turning rate, we were headed back out toward the lake!

Along with the high performance of their engines safety is also a major concern with the Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors designs. The pin locking system that is in place is designed keep the prop from coming into the boat, unless you pull the pin allowing the motor to rotate that far. There also is a lanyard kill switch system that is standard with each motor incase the driver happens to fall out, the boat will not continue to accelerate as it stops the motor from running.

Transportation of the motor is another area of design that Backwater Inc. has taken into account. The center pin locking position is designed to allow you turn the motor completely around and place the prop inside your boat. This is a fantastic feature for any length of commute or tight storage places with limited space.

Right off the bat when meeting with the Backwater Inc. team it was evident that their biggest focus is on the constant research and development of their products to keep improving. There is a passion to continuously question if their products can be made to perform at a higher level. Whether it be designing their own Surface Tracer CT™ cavitation plate, or the Backwater Blade ™ line of propellers. It is clear to see that Backwater Inc.’s products will continue to get better and better!