Whitetail Deer Hunting

Turning Your Whitetail Deer Hunting Dreams Into Reality

Whitetail Properties is a dedicated firm of professionals who offer expertise in both recreational and agricultural land management. Whitetail Properties was started by six founding members. They not only have an extensive background in Quality Whitetail Deer Management and Practices but they are also accomplished whitetail deer hunters and offer strong backgrounds in investment and recreational property real estate.

Each founding member brings a specific accomplished profession to the table. Together they make up a marketing group that can provide the avid hunter and/or investor an opportunity to make their specific dreams into a reality. The vision behind Whitetail Properties is to be the biggest and best recreational property marketing firm in the country. They are striving to offer the highest quality investment opportunities available from coast to coast. To accomplish that mighty feat Whitetail Properties has partnered up with many of the top professional recreational real estate agents across the country that also have the extensive backgrounds in determining which specific recreational properties are worth investing in for their clients. Whitetail Properties then works with each individual investor on a one on one basis to meet their specific goal- no matter what motivation that may hold. What a concept!

In July of 2007 I had an opportunity to visit the Whitetail Properties headquarters located in Pike County, Illinois. Being an avid outdoorsman and hunter I thought that I had seen some big bucks in my day, but one trip down the “Golden Triangle” of West Central Illinois, specifically in Pike County, and I was blown away! The quality and number of BIG BUCKS seen in my three day visit were unbelievable. I had to know, what makes Pike County, as well as West Central Illinois as a whole, such a hot bed for Monster Whitetails. Chris Nichols was Whitetail Properties first hired employee and holds a wildlife management degree, has an extensive background in whitetail deer management and was also a Mossy Oak Pro Staffer for several years before he came to W.P. Chris explained to me that all along the Mississippi River flood plain- from Minnesota to Louisiana, they have the richest soils in the country. This in turn offers the nutritional value needed to grow big bucks. But that is just a small part of what Pike County offers. In addition to the rich soil content, West Central, Illinois offers what Chris feels is “The Best Whitetail Habitat” in the country. With the combination of rolling hills and big timber stands adjacent to some of the richest corn and bean fields in the county, Pike County not only has the capability to grow monster whitetails but can also hold a much higher density of deer than many other areas in the country. I could sure attest to that after driving down from western Wisconsin where our cornfields were not even 4’ tall at best. Then, entering an area where the corn fields were well over 6’ tall in mid July! In fact some of the soy bean fields were even taller than many of the corn fields around my home in western Wisconsin. This of course was largely due to the drought conditions we had experienced earlier this summer.

Founding partner Paul Sawyer also added that in addition to having fantastic food sources and habitat, this area of the country’s economy thrives on the high quality deer hunting that it has to offer.

This in turn means that the local hunters, as well as the out of town hunters who flood the area each fall have an embedded tradition of only harvesting trophy whitetail bucks and letting the little guys grow up. This also ensures that the local economies will continue to grow and thrive from the fantastic natural resources that the area has to offer.

So the next question I had for the guys was what exactly do they look for when picking out a piece of property to promote through their service. I was informed that when they are looking at a new parcel the number one question they have to ask themselves is, is this a piece of property that they themselves would want to own. If it isn’t then they cannot in good conscience pass that along to a fellow hunter and customer. To elaborate on that specific question; the guys first look at a piece of property from a hunter’s standpoint. They want to see aerial photos of the property to see what the topography looks like, as well as what the surrounding area looks like. From that they can get a much better feel if the property has any creeks or rivers beds running through it, how much of the land is timber versus cropland and what the major food sources. They also want to take a good look to see if there is potential to add food plots to enhance the profit margin and hunting quality from what the property currently holds. The next step is to look at the property from an investment standpoint. From that they look at the size of the property, they look at what the property’s potential will be down the road to see if it is worth investing in even if it is being purchased by someone who is not buying it to use for hunting purposes. Chris told me straight up that recreational and hunting land is currently one of the best investments you can make right now.

Not being an avid investor I asked Chris what does it take to get started in an investment type property. In my mind I am thinking it must take at least $10,000 – $20,000 to even get started. Chris said that every investor is different but he can set up a plan for almost anybody. He even drew it out for me and showed me how a group of 4 hunting buddies an/or investors can pool as little as a couple thousand dollars a piece and invest in a 40 acre plot of prime hunting land that they can sit on and hunt on for several years while the property’s value rises. At any point they can come back to Whitetail Properties and put the parcel back on the market, make a profit and either walk away or reinvest in a larger piece of property and then continue to grow their investment status until they could in essence own up to $1,000,000 dollars worth of recreational / hunting land from just starting with a simple investment. And the best part about it is, the investors have an exceptional piece of hunting property to use at their discretion as they build their portfolio.

Now it may not be as easy as that, but by using the expertise that Whitetail Properties has to offer- they have the experience and expertise to put an investor in a good situation to not only own his own piece of hunting heaven but also make an investment that may be in the family for generations to come.

Whitetail Properties also airs a TV show which runs 3 times a week on The Sportsman’s Channel. They run at 11:30 pm Eastern Time on Mondays, 7:30 am Eastern Time on Tuesdays and 12:00 pm Eastern Time on Wednesdays. The guys have also taken a different approach from the standard hunting show. They break each show down into 4 segments.

The first half of the show is all about the hunt and believe me they have some awesome footage of some monster whitetails being taken that will excite even the most experienced whitetail hunter. The third segment offers something that you do not see very often. They actually break down the hunt and share with the viewers exactly why they did and why they did it during the hunt. It is a true educational segment that allows the viewer to learn more about what it takes to be successful in the field. In the final segment of the show they showcase several of the new properties they have on the market. In this segment they show actual footage from each property and share with the viewers recent footage of the caliber of animals located on that specific property- Another great concept.

At this time Whitetail Properties has over 130 different pieces of prime real estate for sale from 30 acre parcels to over 3,000 acres in size. Being so diverse and having the background to know exactly what is needed to make a sound investment, they can realistically meet the goals of almost any hunter or investor.

The Founding Partners Of Whitetail Properties Include

Rob Saunders

Rob is a licensed CPA and has an extensive background of executive level corporate accounting. Rob is also an avid bow hunter from Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition Rob is also a very successful businessman. He is also currently the Chief Financial Officer of National Wireless Telecom. Rob strives to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and is an intricate member of the company.

Dan Perez

Dan is a licensed real estate broker and a very successful one at that. Dan has been addressed by his colleagues as being one of the most successful recreational land specialists in the country. Dan helped develop the concept behind Whitetail Properties. He is also an accomplished whitetail deer hunter in his own right harvesting over 40 bucks that are better than Pope and Young. Dan also hosts the Whitetail Properties TV show.

Pete Alfano

Pete is one of the main investors in the company. Pete is also a native to the Pike County area. In addition to his extensive experience as an investor, Pete is also a passionate whitetail hunter and has extensive background in filming and productions with Knock’m Down Productions. Pete offers valuable insights needed in addressing possible investment recreational properties for the company.

Paul Sawyer

Paul is the executive producer and chief editor for the Whitetail Properties TV show. Paul strives to stay on the cutting edge of the production industry and also owns Knock’m Down Productions Company. Paul has an extensive background as a partner in a successful mortgage brokering business in Minnesota. Paul’s passion for the outdoors and attention to detail make him a true asset to the success of the company.


Whitetail Properties

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Phone: 1-800-971-7042
Website: whitetailproperties.tv

The first half of the show is all about the hunt and believe me they have some awesome footage of some monster whitetails being taken that will excite even the most experienced whitetail hunter. The third segment offers something that you do not see very often. They actually break down the hunt and share with the viewers exactly why they did and why they did it during the hunt.