Official Product Review On Swanson’s Versitile Pocket Hand Warmer – We Field Tested The Hand Warmer Product

Swanson Hand Warmer Product Review


Swanson’s Pocket Hand Warmers

Official Product Review Score: 27 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 4 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 4 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

Functionally, the Versatile Handwarmer Pocket can be used in a number of different outdoor activities. The large warm central pocket can be used to keep your hands warm anytime as well as keeping your calls dry and out of the elements as much as possible in a waterfowl hunting situation. The large pockets on the front and back of the handwarmer allow for easy storage of additional shells, calls, gloves, or anything else that you might need to get at quickly for use in most any type of hunting situation. This allows for the pockets to be extremely helpful during those hunts where you can’t seem to load your gun quick enough and looking around for shells, means missing shot opportunities. The ease of access for additional shells is also useful when trap shooting. The large adjustable strap allows for the hand warmer to be used by small children and adults. While the quick snap buckle, makes it easy to put on the Versatile hand warmer as well as take it off.

Durability 4 / 5

The Versatile Hand Warmer Pocket, being fully lined with fleece gives a great amount of warmth and comfort for your hands for those extremely cold days. The outside layer of the hand warmers are made of rugged canvas type material which allows it to hold up against the elements, season after season. Also the large opens on both ends and the top allow you to put your hands inside with ease, with no problem whatsoever even when wearing large gloves. Whether you are planning on using the hand warmer during the hunting season or when fishing, there is no question that the product is durable enough, tough enough, and provides enough benefit to use in all cold weather conditions. In our opinion the Versatile Hand Warmer Pocket can be used for years and hold up in any condition.

Effectiveness 5 / 5

With the main goal of the Versatile Pocket Hand Warmer being warmth and comfort, there is no doubt that this has been achieved. The fleece lined central pocket of the hand warmer alone, provides great warmth. However, the additional heat the can be gain from adding in a heat pack into the custom made pocket for the pack ensures that there will be plenty of warmth for the hunt, or fishing trip. The large pockets are also very effective when it comes to reaching for items quickly.

Variety 4 / 5

The Versatile Pocket Hand Warmer Pocket comes in three different colors styles: Camoflage- including 8 different Mossy Oak patterns, Hunter Orange, and Brown. Currently there is one design of the Versatile Hand Warmer Pocket. There are however multiple colors to choose from including 8 different Mossy Oak camouflage patterns as well as Hunter Orange and Brown. They also offer the option of adding a customized logo to the hand warmer like we had done for an additional fee.

Price 4 / 5

The standard price of a camo Pocket Hand Warmer through the online website purchase is only $30.95. In addition many times Swanson Sales Inc website offers sale pricing as low as $25.95 which is a great deal and being light weight and flexible shipping on this item should be very reasonable.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we were very satisfied with the Versatile Pocket Hand Warmer. From the warmth and comfort that it provides to the large variety of different outdoor activities that it can be used for. There is no question that the hand warmer allows for a more enjoyable and satisfying hunting or fishing outing.


  • Swanson’s Hand Warmer is easy to use, one strap to clasp and throw in a couple disposable hand warmer heaters in the pockets and your set
  • With many different camo patterns available as well as the ability to customize a logo it is a great marketing tool
  • The rugged canvas exterior makes sure that it will last for many years to come
  • Additional heat sources are not needed but add to the warmth of the product
  • The ability of using several different disposable hand warmers heaters is also a great feature
  • The Hand Warmer is very versitile for uses in many hunting, fishing and outdoor activities, especially when wearing gloves are not an option
  • The price is right currently on sale for $25.95. You can’t get anything that is built to last for that price these days


  • Swanson’s Hand warmer is only available online through their website currently
  • It is not possible to try one first hand before purchasing the product
  • For optimal use you do need to continually ad a disposable heater or refuel a reusable heater for this product to function properly
  • It is one more thing to pack and remember in preparing for a trip compared to just throwing a disposable heater in your pocket

Hand Wamer With Custom Logo

Pocket Hand Warmer In Use

Product Field Testing

In our use of the Versatile Hand Warmer Pocket, we utilized the product during several cold weather waterfowl hunting conditions. However the fact that it is so versatile, as the name states, we found that it is extremely valuable in keeping your hands warm in most all cold temp hunting conditions, including deer hunting, upland hunting as well as ice fishing activities.

The tough outer material that the hand warmer is made of ensures that it will not only hold up against anything that the outdoors has to offer, but will last for multiple years. The soft inner fleece lining ensured a comfortable soft feel and the sleek fit of the product kept it out of the way while wearing it, when not in use. Again, making this a quality product that is also a great deal for the price. In addition this product comes in multiple sizes that are available for adults and children and the adjustable strap allows the pocket to fit well for all shapes and sizes. Thus it is extremely easy to put on and take off and was something that we were very pleased with- especially when the temps drop below freezing.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the functionality of the pocket and excited about the multiple uses that it provides during a number of different types of outdoor activities. We found that the Versatile Handwarmer Pocket is a valuable tool to have on hand at all times and will only enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we did ours!