OZ Tent Product Reviews Official Product Review On OZ Tent Camping Equipment



Official Product Review Score: 29 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

We felt that functionally, all three pieces of equipment we used passed with flying colors. The combination of not only a tight roll for the Rivergum sleeping bag and self-inflating mattress which made for easy travel and storage made it possible to bring both items on a horse trail up the mountain. In addition, the overall comfort level and quality of sleep were exceptional. Add in the King Goanna Stretcher to complete the Tri-Fecta for outdoor camping, this line up makes for a great outdoor sleeping set up. 5 / 5!

Durability 5 / 5

The durability of the entire set was very high quality in my opinion. The only three potential concerns I had were:

  • With the sleeping bag- the zipper is a potential weak point, but that does not seem to be an issue as it is a high quality zipper installed.
  • The quality of the frame on the cot could be a problem but with the high quality metal tubing it is not likely to bend or break.
  • Most importantly, the air mattress. I have slept on many, many air mattresses that after the first use get thrown in the garbage because:
    • They don’t hold air.
    • They are very uncomfortable to sleep on.
    • They are a pain in the butt to fill up and deflate.

None of those areas of concern were an issue with the self-inflating mattress. It literally took 5 seconds to open the air hole and within 10 minutes of self-inflating it was set to go. With an internal foam mattress combined with the air pockets it made for a great night sleep! 5 / 5!

Effectiveness 5 / 5

This category, in my opinion is where the rubber meets the road. If the set-up is uncomfortable or does not allow for a great night sleep it doesn’t matter how well the product is built or how efficient it is to pack in and out. After 8 days of hard hunting in the Colorado Rockies, I felt great. It is rare that I do not wake up sore after sleeping on a new bed set up, especially in a camping situation. I also really liked the fact that the King Goanna Cot allows for extra wide and long bed space so one doesn’t feel “trapped” in their bedding set up. This is also especially nice for the larger hunters. I would rate the overall set-up a 5/ 5!

Variety 5 / 5

The OZTENT Rivergum Sleeping Bag comes in a standard size and an XL size for larger hunters. The Goanna Cot comes in 3 different sizes and weights for different applications and hunter size as well. The Rivergum self-inflating mattress is a one size fits all set up that fits onto any of the cots. I felt that other than the thickness of the bag for different applications, the different sizes of the cots and sleeping bags make it available for most any sized hunter. 5 / 5!

Price 4 / 5

The price point for each of these pieces of equipment is right in line with many of the other high quality camping sleeping set-ups on the market today. The Rivergum sleeping bag is priced at $189 for the standard size and $199 for the xl size. The Rivergum self-inflating mattress is priced at $199 as well. And the Goanna stretchers range from $119 to $139 per size. In my humble opinion you get what you pay for these days. These products are not the most inexpensive on the market today but they are built to last. We rank the price point a 4 / 5!

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the OZTENT Rivergum sleeping system. I felt as though I was sleeping in the comfort of my own bed. I felt that the set-up and tear down were very easy for all three pieces of equipment. I would not hesitate to refer the OZTENT sleeping system to any hunter or camper looking for a most comfortable sleeping set-ip in the great outdoors. And don’t forget to check out the OZTENT 30 second tent set ups. The entire OZTENT line up is first class!



  • Rip-stop Cotton Canvas Outer Shell
  • Extra Warm Removable Fleece Lining
  • Connect Two Sleeping Bags together
  • Rated for up to -10°C – comfort in cold


  • Insulation with extra thick open-cell foam
  • Air-proof and waterproof, non-slip fabric
  • 12cm thickness for extra comfort
  • Pliable foam core won’t become brittle


  • Steel construction for added strength
  • 600D Fully Padded Two-Tone Polyester
  • Padding insulates against cold
  • 6.8 ft (L) x 2.6 ft (W). Weights 25 lbs


All Products Are Made In Australia

  • Need to find US dealer via OZTENT website
  • Unable to see products prior to purchase (available for purchase at some trade shows)
  • Price point for products on the higher end

The Rivergum Fleece Lined Sleeping Bag Made For A Great Night’s Sleep In The Cold November Colorado Rockies

The Rivergum Self-inflating Matress Incorporates A Thick Open Cell Foam Structure For Maximum Warmth And Comfort

Together The Oztent Rivergum Sleeping Bag And Self-inflating Mattress Provided And Excellent Nights Sleep Resulting In A Successful Colorado Elk Hunt

Field Testing The OZTENT Bedding System Product Line
By Dan Wennerlind

On a recent winter elk hunt to the high mountain range of northern Colorado I had a chance to put the OZTENT bedding system to the ultimate test. On this trip we were placed in a drop camp set up high in the rocky mountains for 8 nights with nothing more than our clothes and personal bedding system, along with a 48 quart cooler full of food in a wall tent set up. With temps dropping down into the teens each night along with blowing winds and snow, although we did have a wood stove inside as an external heat source, this was the ultimate test of the new product line.

On this trip I was able to pack in the OZTENT Rivergum Sleeping Bag- with Canvas Outer Shell and Zip Out Fleece Lining (rated for -10 c), along with the Rivergum Self Inflating Mattress. Although I was unable to bring along the extra wide King Goanna Cot, I did have ample opportunity to try that out with the above named bedding system on several occasions prior to the hunt using the cot on a summer camping situation.

On the winter elk hunt, I quickly found that after several long days of hiking in the mountains it was apparent that a well put together sleeping system was going to be imperative to sustain a hard hunt for the full 8 days. The first couple nights I was able to sleep like a baby using the self-inflating mattress and sleeping bag. I found the fleece lining of the bag to be very, very comfortable and slept in my underwear every night and never once got cold, no matter what the temps outside dropped down to. I feel that the sleeping bag itself did an excellent job of keeping me warm throughout the night. I felt the fleece lining made it very comfortable and cozy to sleep in the bag with no rough edges or hard lines found inside the bag. And just as importantly I found that the self-inflating mattress was a necessity to provide a comfortable night sleep each and every night without waking up to any sort of back pain or muscle soreness from sleeping in an awkward position. Together I felt these two items provided much needed comfort and rest that was a must after hunting the mountains day in and day out for a week. It was also imperative that both the bag and mattress roll up into a small efficient packing system, which they do. I also really liked the fact that the fleece lining of the sleeping bag unzipped for easy cleaning after the hunt was over.

Overall after both the winter elk trip and the summer camping trip, I was 100% satisfied with the sleeping set up and found that the oversized King Goanna Cot was a great add on when more gear was applicable for travel. Together all three items made for a most rewarding sleeping situation with fast and easy set up and take down. I would highly recommend this entire sleeping system to any avid outdoorsman.