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Client Testimonials

At we strive to offer the highest quality of service for the serious hunter seeking that next adventure. Since 2003 we have been diligently researching many of the top hunting adventures across North America and have Exclusively Endorsed one premier hunting outfitter in each state / province for many different types of guided hunts. We feel confident that our premier hunting outfitters can provide our hunting clientele a “World Class” caliber experience on their next hunting adventure.


  • South Dakota Big Game Hunting
  • South Dakota Turkey Hunting
  • South Dakota Upland Bird Hunting
  • South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting
  • Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting
  • South Dakota Hunters Lodging


  • Kansas Big Game Hunting
  • Kansas Turkey Hunting
  • Colorado Spring Snow Goose Hunting


In over15 years of being involved in the outfitting industry I have yet to come across a company that is as innovative, creative, and personal as the team at Dan Wennerlind and the boys truly build a relationship with each outfitter they promote. This hands on approach assures that customers are getting the best and most qualified outfitter possible. My company- Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting has been working with Dan now for over 5 years and in that time the advertisements have by far been one of the most cost effective advertisements we have done. I have learned over many years that there isn’t any silver bullet in advertising, but if your looking to boost your outfitting business or book a solid outfitter then HuntTheNorth should be your choice.

The best part about working with Dan Wennerlind is you know your getting a guy that is going to work very hard to help your company grow and will build a lasting relationship along the way.
Jason Ostrander
Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting
Casper, Wyoming Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Wyoming Upland Bird Hunting
  • Wyoming Fishing Lodge
  • Kansas Spring Snow Goose Hunting


Targeted marketing to pre-qualified customers in the highly competitive marketplace of waterfowl outfitters can be a daunting challenge.

My company, WyoBraska Waterfowl, provides high-end guided waterfowl hunts for a very discerning clientele. Over ten years ago we chose to market our hunts through Dan Wennerlind and We have been extremely satisfied with the number of leads and especially the quality of those leads generated by HTN. There are many opportunities to spend your marketing dollars, but I fervently believe your best ‘bang’ for the duck is with
Jason ‘JJ’ Randolph
WyoBraska Waterfowl Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Wyoming Waterfowl Hunting
  • Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting
  • Nebraska Turkey Hunting


Dan Wennerlind, owner of has developed and designed my waterfowl business page (St. Clair Ducks, Mitchells Bay, Ontario) within their portfolio of other outfitters. The webpage streamlined a quick response for a higher traffic flow of serious inquiries within the past four years, which has therefore led to a significant increase of bookings. They provide a technically advanced support system and creativity in a timely, efficient manner. I felt it was a great and wise investment for seriously increasing a wide range of clientele to Ontario, Canada from all over North America. I would highly recommend Dan from as he provides consistency and delivers beyond expectations. Sincerely,
Blair Ellison,
St. Clair Ducks
519-330-2735 Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Ontario Waterfowl Hunting


Lawrence Bay Lodge has been working with for over 8 years now and we have a great relationship with HuntTheNorth. has increased our traffic to our website and has also increased our exposure within the hunting and fishing world significantly.
Phil Engen
Lawrence Bay Lodge Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Saskatchewan Big Game Hunting
  • Saskatchewan Fishing Lodge


I have been very pleased with my choice to have Hunt The North for an advertising agent. Dan and the guys are all very friendly, hard working as well as honest. That can be a hard thing to find in these times, with so many false advertisers. I have had many referrals, and my guide business has reaped the effects with choosing to work with the crew at HuntTheNorth. I would highly recommend them to any outfitter looking to make a boost in traffic and interest in their own business.
Jeff Colwell
Front Range Guide Service of Colorado Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Colorado Waterfowl Hunting


HuntTheNorth has been a very valuable form of advertising for my hunting outfit for over 10 years now. They have connected me with 1,000’s of outdoorsman across the country that I would have otherwise never been able to find without their cutting edge expertise. They have kept up with all of the changing technology with combination of internet advertising and the premier hunting locations by investigating the hunt location themselves; first hand!

They are also specialized for the outdoor’s enthusiast that really sets them apart from the rest. They find the top guides plus the best customers that equal memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

I would recommend Dan and his staff to any outdoor company looking to increase their sales and marketing! I look forward to using their services for years to come.

Thanks to Dan and his staff,
Matt Kostka 507-696-0208
Top Gun Guide Service Inc. Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting
  • North Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting


I have been with HUNT THE NORTH nearly since inception, over the years he has constantly improved and helped me with getting my business exposure on track over the internet. Being in this business over 20 years, I hardly knew a thing regarding the internet; but knew my customers needed me to have a site to refer to. Dan and HTN have been a valuable asset to our business and he has been there for us time and time again for changes,additions, client referrals and site improvements. He has worked hard to improve our businesses exposure, and also to help create our website. He is a staple in our advertising and information communication; and a main stay in the hunting world. You always know your contacting a experienced, well outfitted, successful outfitter and excellent adventure choice when choosing an outfitter through HTN, and the best part for the consumer is that its completely gratios.

Scott Robinson, Owner
Waterfowl Specialists & Snow Goose Specialist, 1990
1030 E. Vine Street
Kalamazoo, Mi. 49001
Cell 269.760.6219 Official Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting
  • Iowa Spring Snow Goose Hunting
  • Missouri Waterfowl Hunting


Friend, Hunter, Business Associate. That’s what Dan represents to me and that’s exactly what you will find when you do business with Hunt The

I’m sure it was business that crossed Dan and my trails some 15 or more years ago. I quickly learned that he is an accomplished hunter. And from that developed a long-standing friendship.

In addition to looking for Dan’s expertise in the development and hosting of our company website, we have advertised as well on the HTN site for a number of years.

So whether you are looking for, or providing hunter recommendations on where to hunt, or what equipment or services to use; look no further than where you can trust a friend.
Larry Juhl
Smart Stick Company Official Endorsed Waterfowl Equipment Company For:

  • Goose Decoy Movement Systems


Just a short note to let you all know that Dan and the rest of the crew at have been very good to work with, they do a great job of promoting and representing the outfitters they host on there site.
Larry Emery
Minnesota Bear Hunting Outfitter
Blooming Valley Outfitters Official Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Minnesota Big Game Hunting


Dear Dan and Staff,
I am excited to share how my experience has been with To sum it up it has been great! I receive multiple inquiries and bookings each month and we continue to book even more hunts then expected from The service at has been exceptional. If I ever have a question, I always received a response quickly and accurately. I have now been with for at least 9 years. I have been listed under the Minnesota waterfowl, Minnesota Spring Snow Goose and I am currently the South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting Endorsed Outfitter. The potential benefits of advertising with are always amazing and the hard work the staff puts in is one of a kind. There are many positive aspects that have come from this advertising including: increased number of bookings, great name recognition, positive attributes to my company, and great clients to work with.

Furthermore, the things I like best is that shows my business is one of the best in the industry, we are a foremost Outfitter base on enjoyable and quality hunts, and helps my business at a reasonable price.
Adam C. Johnson
Sillosocks Pro-Staff Manager
Kruger Farms Certified Elite Guides
Owner & Professional Guide
First Flight Finishers Official Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting


As co-owners of Big Water Outdoors LLC we decided to start advertising with in 2009. We saw immediate results. Our business grew 75% in the first year with HTN. We continue to get a majority of our business from their website. In 2011 we were privileged to be given the honor of Outfitter Of The Year. If you are looking for a solid return on your advertising dollars, is well worth the investment.
Capt. Michael Thun / Dean Crom
Owners / Field Guides


I have been in the outfitting business for over 16 years. Since signing on with HuntTheNorth over 8 years now, my business has increased tremendously. I would recommend anyone trying to increase their exposure to go with Dan at
Jim Knope
Gander Hill Goose Club Endorsed Outfitter For:

  • Illinois Waterfowl Hunting

Thank you very much for your interest in advertising your elite hunting services with our company at For more details on our advertising program please contact us at Thanks again for taking the time to review what our service can do to have a positive impact on your business and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dan Wennerlind