Official Product Review On The New Mudbob Waterwalker One Man Float Boat

Official Product Review On the MudBob Water Walker


MudBob Waterwalker

Official Product Review Score: 27 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 3 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

Functionally the MudBob worked exactly as it says it does. It is a pretty straight forward piece of equipment. The hunter stands in the middle of the Waterwalker, with handles on either side for stability. There is also a place for a seat using a 2 x 6 piece of lumber and with that option, rowing across a marsh or lake is easily accomplished. There is also a gun carrier on the front of the platform and large enough place for a dog to sit. The MudBob only weighs 35 lbs so it is easy to carry across dry land and it can hold up to 350 lbs in weight without submerging. We score the functionality of the MudBob a 5 / 5!

Durability 5 / 5

The MudBob is as durable as they come. The hard plastic composite is pretty bulletproof. Unless of course it took a live round, then it might sink. Otherwise it would take a lot to damage the one piece hard plastic devise. Scored another perfect 5 / 5!

Effectiveness 5 / 5

The effectiveness of the New Mudbob Waterwalker is uncanny. There is really nothing else out there that provides the stability and ability to literally walk across a mucky marsh or boggy area. The only downside is the ability to bring a lot of gear without making the front end too heavy for the product to function properly. The alternative is to drag an Otter type sled behind and fill it with decoys and gear. The MudBob has found a niche of its own- 5 / 5!

Variety 3 / 5

As for variety, this is really a one size fits all product. Thus by default we are scoring the product a 3 / 5.

Price 4 / 5

The price point of the product is $399 plus shipping. However they do offer dealer pricing. We felt the price point was a little high after shipping was added in but since the product is only available through an online purchase there really is no other option. 4 / 5!

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we were completely satisfied with the product and feel that if being used with its intended purpose this product is very effective and will last a lifetime. We were fully impressed with the MudBob Waterwalker- 5 / 5!


  • Product Is Very Durable, Not Much to Go Wrong With It
  • Easy To Use, One Size Fits All, Minimal Set Up
  • Takes Over 360 Lbs to Submerge It
  • Only Weights 35 Lbs, Easy To Carry Across Dry Ground
  • Should last For Many Years, No Replacement Parts
  • Allows The Hunter To Access Hard To Reach Areas
  • Has A Seat To Allow Hunter To Paddle Across Open Water
  • Fits Perfectly In the Back Of A Pickup Bed
  • Product Is Made In The USA
  • Great Customer Service Behind The Product


  • Product Is Only Available Online
  • The Overall Cost Of The Product Is $399
  • There is Additional Shipping Charges
  • Not As Easy To Row Across Open Water
  • There Is Not Room For Decoys Or Gear On The Raft

A One-Person Float

Mudbob With Pull Behind Otter Sled & Decoy Bag

Mudbob With Ottersled And Decoy Bag In Back Of Pick-up

Product Review on The New MudBob Water Walker One Man Float Boat
By Dan Wennerlind

During the past duck hunting season we had a chance to field test the New Mudbob Water Walker. At first glance one might say- “What the heck is this crazy contraption” I know we did. But after further investigation the product is brilliant, especially for the die hard duck hunter who likes to explore new areas and access hard to reach places that other duck hunters cant’ get to.

Well, that’s exactly what we did. The first attempt to use the new Mudbob was a during a simple test session out on the lake.

This was just a test to make sure everything worked the way we thought it would. After direction from the inventor John Lutz, we attained a kayak paddle for maximum paddling efforts as well as an Otter sled to haul all the gear and decoys in, tied up 10 feet behind the boat. We were even able to get the dog to sit on the back while paddling in open water.

From there is was off to one of the local favorites, for the ducks that is. This WMA marsh is so hard to access, only a handful of the most dedicated duck hunters in the area will even attempt to hunt the marsh due to the 200 yard cattail bog that surrounds the place. With no motors allowed and water depts topping 10 ft before even reaching the open water the ducks have it made… until now.

It was helpful that a trail had been blazed by a few previous hunters prior to our arrival but that didn’t help getting to the open water without the Mudbob. Earlier in the season we tried to access the marsh with a small layout boat and it was a successful hunt, but took over 1 ½ hours of serious work to get in and out. Harder than most 2 a day football practices I might add. For those looking for a vigurous work out at 4am that is fine, but for the hunter who is over the age of 25 this is a much easier method we would come to find.

We were able to literally RUN across the bog within about 15 minutes, even through the tough to get through areas. It was night and day from our previous experience. Once on the open water it wasn’t too bad paddling across the lake. It wasn’t like paddling a canoe, but it wasn’t that bad. Once in place the Mudbob actually made a great blind as well. Simply pulling over some of the cattails along the shore made a great hide, and kept us out of sight at water level. It made for a great hunt and the ducks never knew we were there. We had wary late season Mallards dumping in from 10 yards out throughout the morning. This product is perfect for the die hard waterfowl hunter and we give it the Big Thumbs Up!!!