Official Product Review On The Goose Tree By Smart Stick Company – We Field Tested The Goose Tree Extensively

The Goose Tree Decoy System Official Product Review


“The Goose Tree” Flying Decoy System From The Smart Stick Company

Official Product Review Score: 28 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 4 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 4 / 5

Functionally we found “The Goose Tree” to be pretty easy to manage. Although the actual flyer decoys were a little cumbersome to store at first, with the new detachable poles, they are now easier to store in tighter quarters. The entire “Goose Tree” system fits into a storage bag that can be placed in the back of a truck or trailer. We found the set up to be very easy and only took a few minutes to set up in the field. The only time it is tough to set up The Goose Tree is under frozen ground conditions where the use of a cordless drill may be needed. The Goose Tree also alleviates the need for motion on a no wind day.

Durability 5 / 5

The Durability factor of the Goose Tree was not an issue. The frame is made out of steel and the flyer decoys have a steel spine and wire wings so they can be bent and reshaped into any position that the hunter would like. The only piece that would possibly be a problem is the center swivel connecting the frame to the tree as it is a small piece that has the potential to be lost, although the tree is still functional without the swivel peice.

Effectiveness 5 / 5

The Effectiveness of The Goose Tree in most situations worked very good. The premise behind the product is that flocks of geese at long distances are able to hone in on the flocks that are “landing” and make a V – Line for the spread. It also takes the focal point off of the hunters / layout blinds and on the Goose Tree. Inventor Larry Juhl found it to be most effective to place the Goose Tree in the middle of the spread and set the blinds off to the side about 30 yards away making for consistant side shots on incoming birds at known distances.

Variety 5 / 5

The Goose Tree is a pretty straight forward product, available in a Canada goose version, snow goose model plus the newest product, The Duck Cloud flying decoy system for mallards! Part of our field testing of the product was using 3 Goose Trees at one time to emulate a larger flock landing in the spread. In addition to that single flyer decoys can be placed on the ground in front of the Goose Tree for added realism as geese rotate to a verticle position for landing.

Price 4 / 5

At this time the Goose Tree is for sale online only and the cost for a 3 flyer system is $329.00. The added value in this product is the fact that the drawing power of The Goose Trees reduces the need for such a large spread of decoys. Thus beginning hunters or seasoned hunters alike revamping their spread can cut back on the amount of decoys and storage space by implementing the Goose Tree system. In addition, single flyers can be added to the spread for $60.00 / flyer (Lifesize 48” wingspan).

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

We felt the Overall Effectiveness was very good. During our field testing experience with the Goose Tree we had multiple flocks trying to land on top of the Goose Tree making for clean, easy kill shots. We also felt that the Goose Tree was a value in getting birds at longer distances to lock into the spread and finish.


  • The set up of the Goose Tree in the field is very quick and easy
  • Being a newer product, this gives the hunter a major advantage of showing the birds something new
  • The use of the Goose Tree reduces the amount of decoys needed in the field
  • The Goose Tree takes the focal point off of the hunter / blind and puts it onto the flyers
  • The Goose Tree is effective in getting long distance flocks to lock into the landing zone
  • The Goose Tree is effective in finishing birds making for cleaner kill shots at non-flaring birds
  • Placing additional single flyers in the decoy pattern adds realism to the spread
  • Available in Canada goose, snow goose, and the newest product The Duck Cloud flying decoy system for mallards


  • The Goose Tree is currently only available through The Smart Stick Company online
  • Although the price has built in value, at $329.00 it may be a little more than some are willing to spend without trying it first
  • Adding additional $50.00 single flyers to the spread also adds to the overall price
  • Inserting the base into frozen ground can be an issue without a cordless drill

A Flock Of Geese Locked Up On The Goose Tree

Here We See 3 Canada Geese Landing With The Goose Tree

Product Field Testing

I had a chance to not only field test The Goose Tree through an entire season of hunting Canada geese in western Wisconsin, but was also able to spend time with and hunt with the inventor of the product Larry Juhl. In discussing The Goose Tree product with Larry I learned several key factors in its effectiveness before we went out into the field. Larry stated that he first hunted with The Goose Tree back in 1998. Following that season he has conducted a ton of field research and development over the next 5 seasons before bringing the product to market.

Larry has actually hunted with numerous professional goose hunting outfitters across the entire country to get their opinions on the product and to make it better. Larry stated that the reason The Goose Tree is so effective in defining the X is that when geese are far off in the distance, they are able to lock into the flying decoys similar to an airplane locking onto the runway. Larry said from there it is as simple as keeping the birds engaged as they finish on the “Tree”. Larry also stated that he has tried several different set-ups with the Goose Tree and has found the most effective set up to be using two groups of decoys, with the blinds in one group and The Goose Tree in the second and smaller group of decoys. This keeps the attention of the birds on the landing area instead of on the hunters. Larry also stated that he really likes to put the blinds off to the side of the spread, or cross wind about 30 yards away so that when the hunters sit up to shoot, the birds are landing next to The Goose Tree (and many times do not even notice the hunters) making for a clean first shot at non-flaring birds.

So it all looked good on paper but I was itching to get out and try The Goose Tree on my local flock of Canada geese that we had been hunting hard for the last couple months. In our first attempt with The Goose Tree with Larry we used 3 Goose Trees (more testing) and a several gorund flyers in front of The Goose Tree. After the spread was set and Larry went to park the truck, the first flock of the day was already in the air and headed my way. The birds did not hesitate and I was very impressed with the results as the geese finished just as Larry had stated they would. The next bird that came in was a single honker and the Goose Tree worked to perfection as I took the shot at 15 yards and the goose never even saw me. At the end of my first hunt with The Goose Tree I was not only excited about the new product but intrigued to try it out on my own for the rest of the season.

Through the next month I had a little trial and error in using the product. After hunting with the layout blind directly underneath The Goose Tree I had limited success, as I had put myself right back in the line of sight for the incoming birds, as well as making an obstacle to shoot around. I also found it to be most effective placing the blind off to the side of The Goose Tree and taking shots at right angles as Larry had taught me to do in our first hunt together. Overall I felt that The Goose Tree help in trafficking birds, as well as finishing them in most situations. I also liked the fact that anytime you have the first opportunity to hunt over an effective product (and this is still considered a new product in my mind) that has not been saturated by the market yet you gain an advantage and come late season I will take every advantage I can get!