Official Product Review On Mathews Archery Helim Bow



Official Product Review Score: 27 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 4 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 3 / 5
Price 5 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 4 / 5

In field testing the Ghilli Blind we found many positive aspects of the blind that we really liked. First off, weighing in just under 10 lbs and having a backpack strap this is the ideal blind for walking into a field set up (especially a corn field set up). You could barely tell it was on your back. In addition to the lightweight aspect of the blind, the simplicity of the set up was also excellent. The backboard of the blind is made out of corregated plastic and there is a liner that runs the length of your body and legs so you are not lying on the cold wet ground along with a cushion butt pad. So set up literally takes 30 seconds. Then a Ghilli style camo blanket is used to cover up with. There is also room under the backboard for the dogs to hide and you can purchase an extra Ghilli blanket from as needed. And finally it is the easiest blind to see and shoot out of as you are already in a half way sitting up position with your gun ready to grab and fire as needed. The two downsides we saw to the functionality of the blind were: under windy and wet conditions the blind offers little protection from the elements and since the blanket and backboard are a golden yellow color to match corn or dead grass any other color background would be hard to hide in. Other than that we loved the blind and the concept and rated it 4 / 5!

Durability 5 / 5

The durability of the blind was pretty much bullet proof. The bottom liner is made out of a canvas style waterproof material and the Ghilli blanket itself it virtually unrippable. The only piece of the blind that could possibly be damaged would be the corregated plastic backboard but it would have to be intentional as that area of the blind is never really in harms way. Bottom line there really isn’t an area of the blind that could be broken or ripped. With a little bit of care this blind set up should last for years and years. We gave it a 5 / 5!

Effectiveness 5 / 5

The overall effectiveness of the blind was excellent. It was easy to shoot out of, easy to set up and in the right conditions (corn or dead grass backgrounds) it was basically invisible. To ensure that the incoming birds do not pick you out, a matching head net and jacket (matching the Ghilli blanket) would absolutely conceal the hunter. Especially in windy conditions or if multiple hunters were using the blind set up. We gave the blind a 5 / 5 when used in the right conditions.

Variety 3 / 5

This was the only area that we truly felt the blind lacked an above average score. Due to the fact that hunters need to be versatile, if hunting outside of a cornfield situation or a grassy area the blind would stand out being one dimensional in color. However multiple Ghilli blankets can be purchased at for around $60.00 and can be painted or camoed to meet specific situations. Thus we scored the original blind a 3 / 5 in this category.

Price 5 / 5

The blind itself is priced at $124.95 + shipping online at For that price and the overall functionality of the blind we felt that is an unbelievable deal. Again they also sell extra Ghilli blankets for $60.00 a piece which could be used as a replacement or to camo a dog or whatever. The only other add ons we recommend would be a matching head net and jacket to ensure the incoming birds are unable to pick out anything out of the ordinary. We scored the price of the blind a perfect 5 / 5!

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we felt the blind is a perfect add on to the waterfowl hunter’s field arseno. It may not be the perfect solution to every set up but if used effectively it can be the ideal blind in many situations. It also packs up so small and light that it takes up virtually no space in a car or truck and is very easy to pack into a walk in set up. We gave the blind another 5 / 5 for its overall effectiveness! We feel confident and excited to feature Sillosocks Ghilli blind as our Official and exclusively endorsed layout blind of!


  • Lightest weight layout type blind on the market weighing in at just under 10 lbs
  • Perfect for backpacking into a long distance field set up
  • Very low impact storage wise, folds up into less than 8″ tall
  • Very easy set up, within one minute start to finish
  • Pre-camoflauged, with nothing to do but lay it down and climb in
  • Very durable nothing to break or tear, very simply set up
  • Room behind headboard for your dog to lay down
  • Very low profile, comfortable and easy to shoot from
  • Blends extremely well in cornfield set ups
  • Very economically priced at $124.95


  • One dimensional camo pattern
  • Only available online through
  • Little protection in colder weather and windy conditions
  • May need to add an additional matching jacket and head piece for optimal camo
  • Easy for dogs to break if they are not tied down or trained well

Ghilli Blind Field Testing
by dan wennerlind

Upon initial inspection of the New Ghilli Blind from Sillosock Decoy Company I was slightly skeptical as the three piece blind layed out on my garage floor, made up of a corregated plastic backboard, the nylon liner and the Ghilli blanket. What I did like right off the bat was the lightweight, easy going backpack ability. This was lighter and more comfortable to carry than my elk hunting backpack, that I carried up and down steep mountains last fall. I could carry this thinking on my back for miles if need be.

When I finally had an opportunity to put the blind to use during a late season spring snow goose hunt I was much more impressed. The first thing I liked was the fact that it took about 30 seconds to set up. I also was very impressed with the overall comfortability factor as well as the fact that it is one of the lowest profile blinds on the market. Also, most layout blinds I have used are a little difficult to get in and out of and once your in… your in. With the Ghilli Blind it was very easy to get up and down and all I needed to do was throw the blanket over the top of me and I was hunting. It didn’t hurt that we were hunting in a cut corn field that helped make the blind and myself practically invisible when the blanket was pulled up high over my chest. The fact that my chessy pup could hide behind the backboard and watch the birds, while being well out of harms way was another added bonus!

The next factor that was really nice was the fact that when the birds came in I was already in an upright position and there were no doors flapping open or quick movements to flare the birds before the shot was taken. I will say there are a couple add on items I would incorporate before my next trip, next fall. The first thing I found was when we were snow goose hunting it was helpful to place a couple of the flyer decoys over the top of the blind to help conceal my upper half when the birds were circling overhead. I am also aware that they make a camo head netting and jacket to match the Ghilli blanket itself which I feel would be very beneficial when hunting late season, wary birds. But besides that, it was very easy to sit up and shoot and was very effective for our hunting situation. I am not sure this would be the only blind I will have in my field arsenal but it will definitely be a great add on and low impact to store as it breaks down into about 8” thick and 3’ across both ways so it fits virtually anywhere. Priced at $125.00 I am pretty sure it is also the cheapest layout blind on the market that I know of. Overall I think this is a great blind with a ton of upside!