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by Aero Outdoors

Official Product Review Score: 26 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 4 / 5
Durability 4 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 3 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 4 / 5

Functionally, overall we were very satisfied with the Full Curl Decoys. They are a large decoy which stands out very nice and they are very durable. We did feel that placing them in 12 slot decoy bags was a better option than throwing them into a standard big decoy bag. We also liked the removable keel option which made for versatility on ice as well as in the field, however it is necessary to pull the rubber plug and either fill the keels with water or sand to make sure they would ride the rougher waters better.

Durability 4 / 5

In field testing the Full Curl mallard decoys over the past few seasons we felt that they were very durable in the following areas: The foam filled large bodies make the decoys virtually unsinkable. The paint job is effective and durable. The decoy heads are movable and stay on very well. Although the keels are removable they stay on very well. The heads are flocked which is the only area that can be damaged on the decoy but with a flocking kit can be touched up as needed.

Effectiveness 5 / 5

We felt the effectiveness of these high quality duck decoys are second to none, especially in the late season. The high riding, large bodied decoys really stand out on large bodies of water. The paint scheme and flocked heads really make the decoys come alive and we found that two to three dozen decoys was plenty to use and brought in large flocks of mallards and other puddle ducks. We filled the keels with sand and then they road rough waters very well. We have experienced decoying flocks of late season, wary mallards in most all hunting situations.

Variety 5 / 5

The Full Curl Mallard duck decoys, come in 4 different drake head positions and 2 hen positions. The drakes come in an upright position, a caller position, a feeder position and a rester position. The hens come in a feeder position and an at ease position. We especially liked the little rester drakes. Aero also sells several mix and match boxes of these decoys, including one with all six resters drakes which is really nice. They also offer a manual drake spinning wing decoy that is also very effective, especially in field hunting situations and areas where motorized decoys are not allowed.

Price 3 / 5

A box of 6 Full Curl duck decoys is $99.00 plus shipping. Again there are several options including a box of All Drakes (4 head positions), a box of 4 drakes and 2 hens, a box of All Hens, and a box of All Rester Drakes. These decoys can only be purchased online which means shipping is extra. What we felt makes these decoys a great investment is that they should hold up for many years as they are foam filled and we felt even in late season situations 2 – 3 dozen were all that is really needed to be effective which alleviates the cost and labor of putting out a massive spread of decoys and hauling a big spread around.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we were completely satisfied with the results of using a spread of 2 – 3 dozen Full Curl Duck Decoys exclusively, over and over again. In the one situation where we did use a smaller spread of Brand X duck decoys with the Full Curls, we placed the other brand of decoys 20 yards away from the Full Curls and the ducks that came in did not even give the other brand of decoys a second look and dive bombed right into the spread of Full Curls. As long as everyone was covered up, we rarely had a situation where the ducks did not completely commit to the spread of Full Curls.


  • The decoys are large & high profile, they really stand out on the water
  • Very lifelike overall paint scheme and decoy appearance
  • Foam filled body making the decoy virtually unsinkable
  • Multiple decoy head positions-4 drake positons & 2 hen positons
  • Flocked heads and tails in the drake decoys for added realism
  • Removable keels for added flexibility on ice or in the field
  • Keels come hollow with an easy to remove plug to add water or sand
  • Overall realism and size offers the use of less decoys for same results
  • Also offer a manual spinning wing Full Curl drake for situational use
  • Excellent customer service from Aero Outdoors to ensure customer satisfaction


  • A box of 6 decoys is $99.00 + shipping, these decoys are definitely an investment
  • As nice as these decoys are we felt individual slotted bags were essential to protect them
  • The keels do come hollow from the factory, so water or sand need to be added for big water use
  • The flocking is susceptible to wear & tear- a quick fix with a touch up kit
  • The decoys are only available through the website
  • The decoys are not always available so pre-ordering in the off season is important

Rester Drake Decoy In Snow

“Flutterwing” Manual Spinning Wing Duck Decoy

Product Field Testing

We have been field testing the Full Curl mallard duck decoys for several hunting seasons. There are several key factors that we feel set these decoys apart over the traditional Brand X duck decoys that are available in most major sporting good stores. First of all the overall size and appearance seems to make a big difference, especially on big water. In fact they stand out over virtually every other brand of duck decoy we used with them.

In addition to the overall size, the paint scheme and flocking on heads and tails add to the realism of the decoys. We felt that we were able to drop down our spread size to 2 – 3 dozen Full Curls and then add in a few Canada goose decoys and various other species of duck decoys sparingly for whatever we were seeing most of in the area.

Secondly we really liked the aspect of the foam filled bodies. This makes sure that the plastic bodies can never crack and or take a stray pellet and sink or take on water. Also with the removable keel system we were able to incorporate the Full Curls in our field goose spreads as well as slide them onto ice for those days where breaking open a large body of water is just too much work. And finally what also was very helpful was to fill the plastic keels with sand and then super glue the plug in. For our hunting purposes this seemed to be the best course of action as we do not carry our spreads into smaller bodies of water so weight was not a factor. However if we were to use these in a walk in area, filling the keels with water upon arrival would be a better solution. We also liked the 12 slot floating duck decoy bags to keep each decoy looking its best.

Now to give a real life hunting situation where we used the Full Curl decoys. In late November we hunted the Missouri River near Pierre, SD. We used 2 dozen Full Curl mallards and 1 dozen Band X pintail decoys. We had multiple flocks of over 50 mallards drop right into the spread as well as many double and single mallards. Once they landed they were very comfortable in the spread. All of the mallards landed right in the middle of the Full Curl decoys. They did not land short or circle and leave. It was evident they “liked the spread”. This scenario was also apparent in the many other times we used the Full Curl decoys throughout the past couple seasons. Overall we give the Full Curl Duck Decoys by Aero Outdoors the official stamp of approval!