Official Product Review On DOA Decoys


SCORE: 28 / 30 “A RATING”


Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 4 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5


A. Functionality – 5 / 5

Functionally we were very impressed with the DOA Decoys construction. The floater Mallard decoys are a one piece mold for ultra durability. The flocked Canada goose heads and the hand carved decoy molds, as well as the overall custom paint schemes on all the DOA Decoys make these fabricated birds as realistic as possible. We give the DOA Decoys a 5 / 5!

B. Durability – 5 / 5

The durability on all of the DOA Decoys that we hunted over was well made. The hard plastic bodies on both the Canada goose decoys and the Mallard decoys also maintains shape and performance in all weather conditions and assured nothing less than a stray shot will damage the decoys. We scored the durability of the DOA Decoys a perfect 5 / 5!

C. Effectiveness – 5 / 5

After hunting over the DOA Canada goose and Mallard floater decoys for a full season, we had a chance to see what the decoys are capable of in all situations, from early season all the way through freeze up. We were very impressed with the continued success we experienced day in and day out over the DOA spreads. We rate the DOA Decoys a 5 / 5 for effectiveness in the marsh!

D. Variety – 4 / 5

The variety of the DOA Decoy Line is coming along quite nicely. They now offer full body and floater Canada goose decoy, as well as the staple Mallard floater decoy and a very nice floater Green-winged Teal decoy and Black duck decoy. They also offer a new line of decoy bags to extend the life of the investment. They also make a line of quality Snow goose windsock decoys as well. As they continue to add more and more species to the DOA Line up each year we gave them a 4 / 5!

E. Price – 4 / 5

The standard price on a 6 pack of floater Canada goose decoys is $185. That comes out to just over $30 per decoy. Although they aren’t “giving these decoys away” that is right in the ball park with the other brands on the market. The floater Mallard decoys are priced at $70 per 6, which comes out to $11.60 per decoy. Again that is right in the ball park with the other decoys brands today. We gave the guys a price point value of 4 / 5!

F. Overall Product Satisfaction – 5 / 5

Overall we were completely satisfied with the DOA Decoys product and feel that worked excellent right out of the box and will hold up for many years of use. We would highly recommend the DOA Decoys product line to any serious waterfowl hunter –5 / 5!


by Dan Wennerlind

During the 2016 waterfowl hunting season, we had an opportunity to field test the new DOA Canada goose and mallard floater decoys for the entire season. We found the DOA Decoys to be some of the best decoys on the market for several reasons.

Starting with the Canada goose floaters, in our opinion these decoys are the most durable and lifelike Canada goose floater decoys on the market. The flocked heads and realistic body size, along with the detailed paint scheme were some of the features we liked best.

During the season, we used the decoys in the Early Goose season, all the way through freeze up. During the “Early Season” we let some of the geese land in the decoys and we couldn’t get them to leave. Showing how lifelike the birds felt the decoys actually were. However we all know how the early season birds are much less wary. The proof came in the late season, we not only had flocks of late season migrators come into the spread over and over again, that had been in the area for a while, but the late season Greenheads took a liking to the geese as well, even when we did not have the DOA mallard decoys mixed in. Overall we were 100% satisfied with the DOA Canada goose floater decoys.

In using the DOA floater Mallard decoys, we found similar success. We felt that the paint scheme and body shape are dead on. In addition, they too are very durable, with a one piece mold, and thus can get knocked around without causing damage to the paint or structure of the decoys. Unlike many of the softer plastics and foam decoys on the market today.

Bottom line, the birds love them and so do we! The customer service at DOA Decoys is also great. At we would not hesitate to put our full endorsement behind this incredible line of DOA Decoys.