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Alaska Trophy Expeditions Offers The Finest Big Game Hunts in Alaska

  • Specializing Fully Guided, High Success Alaskan Hunts
  • Over Twenty-Five Years of Arranging Hunts For Clients in Alaska
  • We Offer Hunts FOr Dall Sheep, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Mountain Goat & More
  • We Have The Boots on The Ground in Alaska
  • Satisfied Clients Spanning Over Two Decades
  • Average Moose Rack Sizes From 40 Inches To 55 Inches!
  • We Work with The Most Proven Team of Outfitting Partners in Alaska
  • Now Booking Hunting For 2024, 2025, and 2026

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Many Alaskan brown bear hunts are priced at $27,500 to $39,500. This hunt is an absolute bargain! Please don’t let the price fool you. It is a 100% quality hunt and sells out every year. The hunt takes place on a Federal Refuge. The outfitter has exclusive guiding rights on over two million acres and takes 12-14 hunters annually. In 2022, we went 100% shot and recovered. This year, we had one hunter quit early for unknown reasons, and one hunter wound a bear. Otherwise, everyone took a dandy bear in that 8.5 to 9.5 range.

2024 is fully booked. I have just opened the books for 2025 and I expect they will sell very quickly.

2025 Price: $20,000 plus $1000 Charter Fee


After a comfortable night in one of our fly-in location cabins or our base camp, we head out bright and early into our incredible guiding territory. Made up of a diverse mix of snow capped mountains, rolling hills, dense coniferous forest, meadows, lakes and rivers providing us with a area rich in natural resources and wildlife. 60% of our area backs into the rugged coastal mountain range of British Columbia and is only accessible by float plane. All fly-in locations are equipped with cabins with wood heat and transportation is by boat and hiking. We will do what ever we can to get a shot opportunity, from calling-in a bull moose to spot and stalk moose hunts depeding on what will give us the best chance. Being family owned and operated for over 60 years, we have an extensive knowledge of the land and know that we can give you an unforgettable British Columbia moose hunting experience!


Moose hunting takes place in early September.  The season when the moose have just started to go into the pre-rut phase.  Every day of your hunt will improve as the bulls wander searching for cows.  Calling becomes very influential towards the end of the season as mature bulls will come in ready to fight when your guide challenges them to a duel. You will never forget the look of a big bull coming in antlers swaying, clucking, thrashing brush, with those rut-crazed eyes searching for his challenger or his mate! You can expect to glass many hours a day.  The terrain will be somewhat rugged; as with any Alaskan hunt, the better shape you are in, the more you will enjoy the adventure.  Price Ranges:  $24,500 to $35,000 Combo Opportunities:  I have a couple of areas where we can combine with grizzly bears and wolves. I even have one moose hunt where you can add a brown bear to the trophy fee for just $10,000!

Lodging & Meals

During your British Columbia big game hunt with Nanika Lake Outfitters we take every effort we can to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your adventure with us. Our fly-in camps are all located on beautiful lakes and feature great cabins that you will stay in. The base camp is located on Francois Lake in North Central, BC. We do offer transportation from the Smithers airport if needed. We prepare delicious home cooked meals every day no matter where we are hunting.

Hunting Rates And Packages

British Columbia Big Game Hunting Packages

  • Moose Hunting – 8 Day Hunt From Mid September – Mid November
  • Black Bear Hunting – 6 Day Hunt In The Spring Or Fall or 10 Day Combo With Moose Hunt
  • Mountain Goat Hunting – 6 Day Hunt or 10 Day Combo With Moose Hunt
  • Wolf Hunting – We Encourage Hunters To Purchase A Wolf Tag In Addition To Your Hunt- CDN $200

Please Contact Us For Available Dates And Pricing

British Columbia Big Game Hunting

About The Outfitter

Hosts Chad & Naomi Hanson have many years experience in the guide outfitting business. We have worked in this industry our entire working lives. We are serious about hunting and providing each client with a memorable trip. We are passionate about our territory and it shows in the quality of game we produce every year. Outfitter Chad has been guiding fisherman and hunters since finishing highschool.

Before becoming outfitter of this area, Chad served as a assistant guide for 13 years in this area under former outfitter Jim Tourond. Jim’s uncle Barry Grainger was the original outfitter of this area dating back to 1948. Naomi grew up in the guide outfitting business, as her father Jim was guide outfitter of this territory for over 25 years. Naomi is well known for her delicious home cooked meals and tireless work ethic. Currently raising 3 young kids, Naomi is very busy but still makes time to ensure all hunters are comfortable and have what they need to make their trip a success!


Nanika Lake Outfitters

Outfitter: Chad Hanson
Phone: 1-877-254-3231

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