Official Product Review On The Mathews Helim Bow – We Field Tested The New Helim Compound Bow By Mathews Archery

Official Product Review On Mathews Archery Helim Bow


The Mathews Helim Bow

Official Product Review Score: 29 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

Overall we felt the functionality of the New Helim Bow by Mathews is magnificent. Weighing in at just 3.5 pounds and having an 80% let off weight at full draw, this bow is incredible. With the ability to hike up mountains all day without feeling the affects of a heavy, large bow, it was a real joy to be able to draw back after a long day of hiking and not feeling the affects of fatigue. We gave the Helim a 5 / 5 for its functionality.

Durability 5 / 5

With any high end piece of equipment, standard care and maintenance needs to be taken to ensure the sites don’t get knocked off and the cams and strings are not damaged but overall the frame of the bow is highly durable and having a total length of 30 inches from axel to axel, it is very easy to carry and transport without getting hung up on anything along the way. Another perfect score of 5 / 5.

Effectiveness 5 / 5

The Helim bow has a very smooth draw and it also has a very quiet release. After getting the bow set up with quality accessories it literally took 5 arrows after being paper sighted in to be right on the money! The lightweight frame and small stature made this piece of equipment a joy to carry through the mountains on a recent elk hunt. We did use a site system with an internal level to make sure there was not a cant to the bow upon draw which was very helpful. There was not a downside found and again the Helim scores a perfect 5 / 5!

Variety 5 / 5

Mathews Archery has a reputation of producing top of the line equipment all the way around. They have an entire catalog of unique accessories. We took advantage of the matching 5 arrow quiver that fits and matches the bow perfectly and with 3 new bows available already for the 2013 season there are more than enough options to meet and exceed the most serious bow hunter’s needs. Another perfect score- 5 / 5.

Price 4 / 5

We feel that the entire line of Mathews Archery hunting equipment is top of the line. Therefore the price point for the new Helim bow at $959, although at the higher end of the spectrum, is well worth every penny. Although this may be outside many hunter’s budget, especially after adding all the extras, this is a once in a lifetime investment and again we feel is worth every penny! This was the only blemish for the new Helim bow- a mere 4 / 5.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

This is one of the premier compound bows on the planet! Everything about the bow is top notch! 5 / 5!


  • Lightest Bow On The Market- 3.5 pounds
  • All New Heli Cam Can Produce Speeds Up To 332 fps
  • One Of The Smoothest, Quietest Bows On The Market
  • Over 20 Years Of Mathews Engineering To Produce A Magnificent Product
  • 80% Let Off Draw Weight At Full Draw
  • 30 Inch Length From Axel To Axel
  • New advanced GeoGrid™ riser, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite
  • A Lightweight Reverse Assist Roller Guard For A Super Smooth Draw
  • Available In Black Or “Lost Camo” Color Patterns


  • Price Point Of $959.00 + All The Ad Ons
  • That’s It!

The High Velocity Forced 2 Practice Broadheads Through The Target, Deep Into A Fencepost

HTN Proud To Endorse Mathews Archery Equipment

Field Testing The New Helim Bow By Mathews Archery
by dan wennerlind

After receiving the bare bones New Helim bow by Mathews Archery Company I made a V-line to our closest archery specialty shop and set the bow up “The right way”! I had the bow paper sighted in on the spot and after only shooting a quiver full of arrows through the bow at 30 yards it was dead on! The trick was getting comfortable enough with the new bow to take it on my first archery elk hunt the following week to the Rocky Mountains in SW Colorado. Although I got a late start in getting the new piece of equipment up and running, from the moment I shot the first arrow I felt like I had been shooting the bow for years.

I also equipped the new bow with an HHA adjustable site and honestly never looked back. Within two weeks of shooting the bow I felt confident up to 45 yards and my targets could prove it..

Once on site in the Rocky Mountains I again fired the bow into my target to make sure the jostleing ride up the mountain had not adjusted the sight for me. Again dead on up to 45 yards. What I found most beneficial over the next 3 days, other than the smoothness of the draw and the noticeable let off (up to 80% they say) at full draw, was the super lightweight and easy carrying of the bow up and down the mountains. At 8,500 feet above sea level every pound counts let me tell you. In fact my backpack was more of a burden at the end of the day then the bow in my right hand was.

At the end of the second day, when I finally had a cow in site at 35 yards, with just a small poplar tree between us, I was at full draw right when a second cow emerged on the trail about 20 yards back. I was able to hold at full draw for what seemed like 3 minutes before the wind switched and they were gone in an instant. It may have only been 90 seconds but I wasn’t to the point where I would not have been able to release with accuracy pending the sudden wind change at that point.

Overall I feel like this bow was made for me, right out of the box. I would not hesitate to recommend this work of art, high quality piece of equipment to anyone, from the novice archery hunter, to the most die hard bow hunter. If one can justify the price point is will be an investment that will last a lifetime!