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At we strive to offer the highest quality of service for the serious hunter seeking that next adventure. Since 2003 we have been diligently researching many of the top hunting adventures across North America and have Exclusively Endorsed one premier hunting outfitter in each state / province for many different types of guided hunts. We feel confident that our premier hunting outfitters can provide our hunting clientele a “World Class” caliber experience on their next hunting adventure.

The Opportunity

At our service is set up very differently than most other online directory companies. We feel that referral based marketing is much more effective than blasting out numerous banner ads and outfitter listings on a directory type website. Thus we only work with a select group of what we feel are Elite hunting guides and outfitters across North America, as well as additional Quality outdoor products and services that we have researched and chosen to promote and represent. Our service revolves around Quality not Quantity!

For the thousands of hunters that now utilize our service on a regular basis, they can feel confident that any product or service that they find at is the cream of the crop, creating a WIN / WIN for both the customer and the advertiser. This has created an atmosphere where hunters across the country continue to reuse and refer the services and products that we represent to their circle of influence.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Our Goal

Our goal is to promote and represent one specific outfitter in each state and province in North America in the categories of: waterfowl, big game, upland birds and turkey hunting. As we continue to expand our service into more and more regions, we have elected to expand carefully by making sure the outfitters we represent are some of the best in the country. For the additional products and services that we represent, we have conducted our searches in a similar fashion. We strive to give each hunter a satisfying experience on our website and on their next hunting adventure, so they feel comfortable utilizing and referring as a valued resource when planning their next hunting adventure today and for years to come!

What We Do For You

Once we make a commitment to promote your outfitting services, we will start by building a very detailed web page listing around your business and the specific hunt that you specialize in, including a detailed photo and video gallery if applicable. We then use our expertise in SEO to create on organic source of traffic for your specific listing page from the top search engines, for the specific hunt you offer. In addition to the listing on our website, we also promote your services at many outdoor shows and sportsman’s banquets throughout the year, making this more than an internet advertising marketing company- but a well rounded resource of leads through multiple streams of advertising.

We will also be incorporating your business into a major Social Networking campaign to get your business in front of thousands of additional hunters who enjoy receiving updates about our “Outfitter Of The Week” which we update each week and will be promoting you on at key times throughout the year. We are also able to provide you documentation with how many specific hunters have viewed your listing information on any given month, week or day.

We are not a booking or commission based company. We run our service strictly as an annual membership fee for our service thus whether you end up booking 5 or 50 hunters throughout our service throughout the year, the annual fee is the same.

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How Do I Get Started

We offer very affordable advertising. If you feel that your business qualifies as one of the Top Outdoor Businesses in your area, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to discuss the opportunity of expanding your business with us at in a very positive atmosphere!

What If I Don’t Have A Website

No problem, also offers website development CLICK HERE to view our Affordable, Professional Website Software Package. We can even set you up with a Custom Website Demo ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge for you to examine before you invest a dime. If you would rather put a nice Web Page up instead, for the time being that works to! You will find that our website package is just as high quality and just as affordable as our online advertising package.

How Do I Sign Up

Simply Email your contact information to, or drop us a line at 612.599.9944 and we will set up an appointment to discuss your business in detail.

We look forward to helping you expand your business and hope to hear from you soon!