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Product Review On Sillosock Decoys



Official Product Review Score: 27 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 4 / 5
Effectiveness 4 / 5
Variety 5 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

In field testing the latest version of the sillosock snow and blue goose decoys we felt that functionally these decoys make a lot of sense as it was very fast and efficient to put up a big spread of decoys in a short amount of time and it was just as easy to store a big spread of snow goose decoys in a small area in both travel and in the off season.

Durability 4 / 5

Durability wise these decoys make a lot of sense. The Sillosock Company has made some nice enhancements to the latest version of the decoy line. The new 3-D heads are very durable and the heads now screw into the body which eliminates the heads sliding off the decoy during the set up and pick up. In addition there really isn’t much to go wrong with the decoys as long as there is a little TLC given to them. Mostly in the storage and transportation of the spread. In addition the Sillosock Decoy Company has made several storage options that are easy to use and economical.

Effectiveness 4 / 5

Here is our take on using an exclusive spread of sillosock decoys over other types of snow goose decoys such as the full body decoys. Head to head, 500 sillosocks vs 500 full body decoys the full body decoys will win most of the time. However the cost, storage, transportation and set up of 500 full body decoys is a significant obstacle. With a spread of sillosock decoys a hunter can use 500 – 1,500 decoys, store them in the back of a pick-up truck with their storage system and have the cost be less be considerably than a full body spread. In addition the decoys look very realistic, especially with the new 3-D heads and they photo finished / flocked feeder bodies. And the decoys move very well in the wind. For the hunter looking to beef up his spread or run a large decoy spread you can’t go wrong with a spread of all sillosocks or half full bodies and half sillosocks.

Variety 5 / 5

One of the nice things I like about the Sillosock Decoy line is the wide variety of decoys available. They offer adult snow and blue goose decoys, juvenile snow and blue goose decoys, specklebelly and Canada goose decoys as well as mallards. New for this year they now offer pidgoen and sandhill crane decoys as well. One of the best decoys lines that I like is there flapper decoys and their rotary machines to add realistic movement to the spreads.

Price 4 / 5

The feeder snow and blue goose decoys with UV vision painted heads are available online for $59.79 / dozen. The sentry snow and blue goose decoys featuring the 3-D heads are available online $79.95 / dozen. They also sell an unbelievable flapper decoy to add movement to the spread for $24.94 / decoy. We feel that for these prices the decoys are an excellent value.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we were completely satisfied with these decoys. In field testing an entire spread of these decoys what we liked best about using them were; the ease of putting out and picking up a huge spread very quickly. The ability to transport a very large spread of decoys into a very muddy field in spring conditions. The ability to transport and store a large spread of decoys in a small trailer space. And finally and what we feel was most important was the effectiveness of these decoys on wary late season spring birds. We were able to decoy in very good sized flocks of snow geese and from the human viewpoint as well as the avian viewpoint, the decoys performed very well and is why we have elected to exclusively endorse the Sillosock Decoys Company as our premier Snow Goose Decoy Company!


  • Very cost effective to build a brand new snow goose spread at an affordable price
  • Also very cost effective to beef up and existing spread with several doz Sillsocks
  • The ability to store and transport a huge spread of decoys in a confined area
  • The ability to set-up and pick-up a large spread in a short time frame
  • The overall look of the new decoys with the photo-printed / UV painted feeders
  • The overall look of the sentry decoys with the new 3-D heads
  • The movement of the entire spread in light to moderate wind conditions
  • The ability to put the stakes in the hard ground or into corn stalks in frozen cond.
  • The movement and effectiveness of the new snow and blue goose flapper decoys
  • Excellent customer service and warrenty provided by Silosock Decoy Company


  • In light to no wind conditions the spread loses a little of the life it takes on during wind
  • Although it is recommended to glue the stakes into the heads, a few did pop out in set up
  • The new flocked feeder heads look great but get stained easily if they get too muddy
  • We felt it does take a minimum spread of 300+ decoys to have success using the sillosock decoys
  • After the decoys get wet in rain or snow they do need to be set up and dried out

New Flyers on extention poles

New non-slip hooked decoy stakes

Product Field Testing From Professional Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Adam Johnson

What We Have Found To Be The Best Features Of Running Sillosock Decoys Spreads Over The Past 7 Spring Seasons-

  • Their appearance is similar to a full body decoy with motion like a windsock and the portability of a silhouette decoy
  • Wind is not required for full body appearance due to integrated support system
  • With wind they waddle with a subtle head motion that simulates feeding geese
  • New hook stake system makes sure stakes do not pull out of bodies

Compare SilloSocks to other windsock decoys- Sillosocks head and body are permanently attached eliminating lost heads. Unique stake system is virtually invisible and since the head and body move together the windsock can’t tangle around the stake. They are the most portable compact full body appearing decoy on the market.

“We have been using sillosock decoys exclusively for over 7 spring seasons now and have consistently harvested great numbers of light geese each season. On average we run between spreads of 1,500 – 2,000 decoys but have run as few as 700 and seen great results. What I really like about the new version of the silosock decoys is the new hook stake system that makes sure the stakes do not pull out of the decoys. I also feel that the new 3D sentry heads look amazing. We have also incorporated more and more of the Sillosock flyer decoys into our spreads each spring and have see excellent results due to the fact that the birds can see the movement in the decoys from further distances now. The only downfall I can see is that when you initially receive the new decoys, due to the packaging the hunter needs to insert all of the stakes into the decoys which takes some time but once they are set up they are ready to go with fast and east set up and transportation. Again I feel you get the look of a full body spread with easy set up and transportation and a much more realistic movement that other spreads. Also in no wind situations, with the stake through the back they still give a realistic appearance. In my opinion the best snow goose decoys on the market!”

Adam C. Johnson
First Flight Finishers Guide Service Certified Guide
Kruger Farms Certified Elite Guides
(651) 442-7259