Official Product Review On The HHA Sports Archery Sites – We Field Tested The New Optimizer XL-5519 by HHA Sports

HHA Product Review


HHA Sports Archery Sites

Official Product Review Score: 29 / 30 “A Rating”

Functionality 5 / 5
Durability 5 / 5
Effectiveness 5 / 5
Variety 5/ 5
Price 4 / 5
Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Functionality 5 / 5

We felt that the DS-XL5519 site by HHA Sports was incredible. There were no concerns with the attachment to the bow frame and there is not a chance for pins to loosen and slip with the single pin infused attached system. The overall construction of the site, with the inset level system and the adjustable distance wheel really make this site a work of art! The built in fiber optics were amazing as well and really added significant time to dusk and dawn shooting ability. Overall we gave the DS-XL5519 a 5 / 5 for Functionality!

Durability 5 / 5

There were no concerns with durability on this site system in our opinion. Obviously with any high end equipment set up, it is important to take proper care and maintenance when storing and transporting. However, we never ran into an issue where the site had been accidently knocked off of its original site setting or have had any issues or concerns with the overall construction of the site. Thus HHA gets a 5 / 5 for their site’s durability!

Effectiveness 5 / 5

After having the new HHA Sports DS-XL5519 site installed by a professional archery specialist and paper sited in. It only took a handful of arrows to get the adjustable wheel setting locked in at 20 yards. From there, all the way out to 55 yards the bow was dead on, (barring human error). The yardage tape actually extends from 20 yards to 80 yards for those expert archers! We also love the inset level system to ensure the bow is not canted before releasing. And as previously stated the fiber optics offer amazing results. We cannot find a down side to the site system- 5 / 5!

Variety 5 / 5

HHA Sports offers over 9 different archery sites to choose from, including a crossbow site and new for 2013 a gun site. They also offer a wide variety of accessory add-ons, including a lens kit and blue light system for low light conditions. Specializing in High End Archery Sites ONLY, HHA Sports has a lock on the market for this specialty equipment in our opinion! They scored another 5 / 5!

Price 4 / 5

We feel the entire line of HHA Sports archery sites are top notch! The site system on a bow is not an area where you want to cut corners, especially when you get that once in a lifetime opportunity at a true trophy animal. We feel these site systems are definitely an investment, but should last a lifetime and are well worth the money. Being priced on the higher end of the product scope, this was the only area where we docked a point off a perfect score- 4 / 5.

Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

Overall we have yet to find a down side to the DS-XL5519 archery site by HHA Sports. With the fantastic company reputation and excellent customer service to back this amazing product line we were happy to score HHA Sports a perfect 5 / 5 for our overall product satisfaction!


  • Model DS-XL5519 Site Weight Of 11 oz.
  • 2” Overall Sight Housing Diameter
  • 6 Feet Of Fiber Optic
  • Accepts Lens Kit B & HHA Blue Burst Lights
  • Single Pin Set Up
  • In House Leveling System To Avoid Canting
  • Rotating Wheel for Quick Yardage Adjustment
  • Very Durable & Solid Attachment
  • Many Add On Features & Different Site Options
  • HHA Sports Customer Service Is Outstanding
  • Lifetime Warranty & Made In The USA


  • Only Offered In A Single Pin Set Up
  • May Be Tough To Adjust Wheel Yardage Setting In A Quick Shot Situation
  • Price Point On The DS-XL5519 Around $221.00 (Many Different Models Available At Different Price Points)

The Fiber Optics Give Additional Light In Low Light Conditions

HTN Is Proud To Endorse HHA Sports Archery Sites

Field Testing The New DS-XL5519 Archery Site By HHA Sports
By Dan Wennerlind

Upon receiving my New DS-XL5519 archery site from HHA Sports, I made a V-line to our closest archery specialty shop with a new bare bones Mathews Helim bow. My goal was to get the new set up dialed in with the rest of the accessories needed, to make sure this would be a deadly combination!! I had the bow paper sighted in on the spot and after only shooting a quiver full of arrows through the bow at 30 yards it was dead on!

After shooting the bow for about 2 months there were several aspects of The HHA Site that I found vital for my success as an avid archery big game hunter.

First off, is the fact that this particular site has a 6 foot fiber optics range which makes a huge difference right at dusk or dawn. I could literally see the difference when shooting in low light conditions.

The second aspect that I found extremely helpful was the built in level. I could tell after shooting each individual arrow in practice whether I had double checked the level before releasing. When I did, the arrow hit the target with extreme accuracy. When I did not, I was off the mark. It took some practice to get used to double checking the level before releasing but it really made a world of difference in my accuracy.

The third aspect of the new HHA Site that is extremely helpful is that it has a built in adjustable wheel for distance. As long as you know the exact yardage (using a range finder for exact distance), a simple adjustment to the wheel with that specific yardage and you are dead on! This also alleviates the need for multiple pins that many experienced archery hunters know can be more of a distraction in the heat of the moment than a benefit. The only aspect of that particular function that is of concern is if there is not time to make the adjustment when an animal is in front of you in a hunting situation, that option may not be available. Therefore I also got used to adding inches to specific ranges such as at 40 yards and 45 yards. Personally, I made sure I was dead on at 30 yards and left the site set there and was able to adjust 3 inches high at 40 yards and thus set my maximum range at 40 yards in a hunting situation. However during target practice it is very reassuring to be able to shoot up to 55 yards using the distance adjustment wheel.

Overall I have had complete confidence up to 40 yards with a brand new bow set up, relying on the DS-XL5519 Site by HHA Sports and haven’t looked back. I would highly recommend this site system to any serious bow hunter. Another great aspect is the Lifetime Warranty on each HHA Product and the fact that they are Made In The USA! New for the 2013 season HHA Sports has also come out with an adjustable site for a gun and they have a cross bow model available as well. Both of which I am looking forward trying out first hand down the road! Since getting my personal hunting bow set up with an HHA Site, we are now setting up the entire HuntTheNorth Pro Staff with HHA Sites as well and again would not hesitate to recommend this site system to all serious bow hunters!