Dropzone Elite Waterfowl Decoys

Dropzone Canada Goose Decoys

Elite Pro Canada Goose Decoys: $308 / 4 pack
Elite Pro Canada Goose Decoys: $889 / dozen

Dropzone Canada Goose Decoys

Announcing the new additon to the DropZone™ Decoys:

  • The Elite™ : Standards
  • New for fall 2007.
  • Taking orders now! Lead time is 2-4 weeks, right now.
  • Also, we have fine tuned our production, to keep up with demand.
  • Due to customer demand, we have developed another version of our famed goose decoys.

The good news is that with the changes in the manufacturing process, we are able to reduce the pricing.

Rugged & Strong. Just transport in the HD plastic bag they are shipped in to prevent them from rubbing against each other. This prevents surface wear. Then put in your trailer or decoy bag.
Shatterproof * Flexible * Shot usually doesn’t penatrate!

Dropzone Elite Pro Canada Goose Decoys are $308.00 /4 pack
or $889.00 / doz

Flutterwing Canada Goose Movement Decoy- $200.00

(Decoys Can Be Dropshipped Anywhere In The USA & Canada *Not Included)

Full Curl Mallard Decoys

New Full Curl Mallard Decoys
Pro Series $87.99 / 6 pack

The New Full Curl™ Mallard Decoys

From the natural paint colors to the realistic feather detail, there is no equal on the market today. The Pro series decoys are foam filled and have durable flocking added to the heads and tails of the drakes. The flocking will outlast the paint and offers the same light reflection of real feathers. The foam will make the decoys unsinkable, plus increase the ride on the water. Also the foam will help to eliminate the water slap noise

The Pros are designed for everyone from the serious duck hunter to the guide.

They are custom duck decoys at an affordable price.

Therefore, if it’s performance out of your decoys that you are looking for, you need some Full Curl decoys.

There is no single decoy on the market that offers all the features of these new custom decoys

Full Curl Duck Decoys Also Offer:

  • Perfected coloration in the paint to match the actual duck.
  • Exact feather detail.
  • Non-glare paint with texture.
  • Rotating heads, that snap in and stay in.
  • 6 different head positions with every half dozen
  • Packed 4 drakes and 2 hens to a dozen.
  • Magnum size for increased decoying power
  • Versatile Keel, can be used without the keel on windless days or on ice.
  • Ride high on the water for better visibility

The Pro Series are $87.99 per 6 (Includes 4 drakes/2 hens)
The Pro Series are $90.99 per 6 (Includes 6 drakes)
(Decoys Can Be Dropshipped Anywhere in the USA & Canada *Not Included)